13 Best WordPress Plugin this 2013

One of the biggest advantages of using plugins is they help you enhance your websites utility, more so if you are using WordPress free services or a paid one. There are already many features available in the WordPress to make your job easy, but you may still be missing a lot. Plugins help you enhance your website’s appearance, make it more secure and make it easier for readers to navigate through the contents.

Here are some great plugins you can include to your WordPress website, to give you and your readers those extra rich experiences you may have missed in the past. When you add a plugin to your WordPress blog, see to it that they are specifically made for it, lest you run into trouble later. If it is certified by WordPress, you can use it with confidence. Though there are many free plugins that do a great job, the paid ones certainly have an edge in terms of quality and utility. In the end, what matters is how much you are willing to spend on your blog, and how great you want your blog to be.

1. VaultPress: One of the major problems that haunt most blog owners is security, and addressing that concern is VaultPress. You will really love the features –Real time backup, site restoration in the event of the unforeseen happening, daily security scan, and review and security threat perception assessment. This is a paid plugin.

2. WordPress SEO: Though many will tell you that the era of search engine is coming to an end, facts are, they are becoming more relevant than ever before. There are at least 5 great reasons to justify the WordPress SEO – get great features without knowing coding, get regular updates for the plugin, SEO ratings presented in a simple and easy to understand format, get great page analysis and finally it is highly social media compliant.

3. Jetpack: Though you may have reasons to feel disappointed a bit, it certainly has features that you should give a second thought. You must certainly take a look at features like notification, publicize, stats, comments, subscriptions, carousel, post by email, sharing, spelling & grammar and so many others. Good supports service is what makes Jetpack click.

4. Block Bad Queries: A perfect plugin for keeping the bad boys out of your blog who try to try to exploit weaknesses in your blog. It is particular good for those who want queries to be kept neat and tidy. The number one advantage of the plugin is it does not require any reconfiguration to your website.

5. Advance Custom Fields: This plugin is certainly not for those who don’t understand coding. But, certainly very help for those who want nothing but the most advanced in features, notably if you want to create custom fields in your website.

6. Author Box Reloaded: If you want to give a great look to your author box, then you will certainly want it without a second thought. It will save you hours of futile work wasted. To run this plugin your WordPress must be at least 2.8.0 or higher and up to 3.4.2. So far 12,000 plus users have downloaded the plugin.

7. WP Youtube Lyte: If you want your website to download faster, who will not want to, then, this plugin is a must-have. It is also a perfect way for embedding video that won’t run when visitors come to your page. That is really a great way of giving advantage to your readers. More than 125,000 WordPress already have it in their blogs and websites.

8. WP Smush It: If you blog or website is fully loaded with images and you intent to have more, then, this is what you need to put in place. This plugin will let you optimize your images, and believe, without sacrificing the quality. You will also see significant drop in upload time. 300,000 plus users already have it. Why not you try it too?

9. Use Google Libraries: This plugin needs little maintenance from your site. It is true plug-and-forget software. The benefit is your website will load faster than ever before, and more important you don’t have to spend a dime on it. You can learn more about this plugin at before you actually download it.

10. WP Super Cache: It is one of the plugins that help run your website faster. In fact, many hosting service providers will recommend this plugin for you. Installing this plugin requires little efforts, that you will know when you actually do it. Though free, developers will accept a donation if you have a heart for it.

11. JS & CSS Script Optimizer: Perfect fit if you are into giving your website a new look. Meaning, you can do the layout yourself. You may though have to have some knowledge on CSS and how they work. Go to WordPress.org Plugins inventory
and get your copy, but read the guidelines before you do the actual installation.

12. LifeFyre Comments: If your website is blog type, then LifeFyre is the perfect plugin to make commenting a great experience for your visitors. Once installed, the feel will be like it is a real time conversation. Sign up at the website and you can also get support.

13. Get Social: The right way to give your blog a floating box for sharing social media. If you are running a WordPress instance lower than 3.3, then you will have to upgrade though, before you begin using it. .

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