5 Gadgets that Just Got Cheaper

5 Gadgets that Just Got Cheaper

Many times we love the new gadgets that keep launching in the market but just simply cannot afford them. Most gadgets with latest technology and high end gadgets are prices quite high as there is a lot of demand and excitement about these gadgets at their launch. Moreover they have many latest technology features that many want to try out so these gadgets often do get sold at very high prices also.

The common man though educated and having the knowledge and desire to buy these gadgets cannot afford them due to their heavy price tags and his lower salary. The most common gadgets in this category include latest smartphones, tablets, latest cameras and other consumer electronics gadgets which are really popular in the market today.

Gadgets Getting Cheaper

However there is a simple solution to this problem. Many times the gadgets launched just a short time back get cheaper due to many reasons. There are online discounts, the company slashes its prices and as the company launches new products every other month the previous models tend to get cheaper in only a short duration of time. Sometimes the company realizes that to increase the sales they need to slash prices so that the gadget can be in the budget of the customers who demand the product. The following are some of the gadgets that have become cheaper in the market:

Nokia Lumia 820


There are a couple of High end Nokia phones that have become much cheaper than before and now the customers will have to shell out much less from their pockets to buy them. The Nokia Lumia series is a popular series of high end smartphones by Nokia. The Nokia Lumia 820 when launched in India in January of this year was priced at Rs. 27,599 but now the prices have slashed since then and are available for just Rs. 23,599. Another Nokia example is the Nokia 808 Pure View phone. The original price was 24,599 but now the phone is available for just Rs.17, 999.

Sony Xperia Z

There are few Sony high end products also that are available at cheaper rates. The Sony Xperia Z is priced at Rs.38, 990 which is a very steep price. However this phone is available online with a discount. The discounted price online is just Rs, 34,880. Also the Sony Xperia Ion smartphone is available at a reduced price of Rs.21, 990 as compared to its original high price of Rs.27, 990.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

There have been cheaper rates offered even in the cameras with Android. The Samsung Galaxy Android camera is now available for just Rs. 26020 as compared to its previous price of Rs. 29,900.

BlackBerry Z10

The Blackberry Z10 was priced at a very high price of Rs. 43490 at its much anticipated launch in India. However this was a very high price and it was reduced to Rs. 37,990 in just a few months.

HTC One X+

Also HTC One X+ was launched at a high price of Rs40, 190 but is now available for just Rs. 29,499. The smartphone cut the price of the phone in India so that the HTC One X+ could compete with the Samsung Galaxy Series phone that was released in the market.

So the above examples prove that many latest gadgets are available at cheaper prices in the market today.


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