5 Features Of WordPress That Makes It A Phenomenal Platform

5 Features Of WordPress That Makes It A Phenomenal Platform


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If you’ll look at the CMS usage statistics, you will find that WordPress is used by over 24.1 percent of top 10 million sites and holds the maximum CMS market share of 60.2 percent (source: w3techs). Joomla holds #2 positions in the CMS industry, having a market share of 7.1 percent and so on. The clearly suggests that the WordPress CMS happens to be the most preferred option for website creators and developers alike.

Developed as a blogging platform at first, the WordPress platform has matured and become a stable content management system. Today, this platform is used for creating almost every type of site – be it a typical corporate or business site, blogging site, or an e-commerce site and so on. This platform is not only simple to use, but also provide tons of customization possibilities to website owners to help them tailor their site according to their specific needs.

If you’re still not convinced as to why you should pick WordPress as your website development platform, then this post is intended for you. Here, I’ll cover 5 of the great WordPress features that make it a phenomenal platform.

1. Theme Customizer: Gives Freedom to Customize Your Theme


WordPress come shipped with plenty of pre-built themes that can be accessed from the official WordPress Theme Repository. Using a pre-made theme gives you the ability to setup a website in a quick and easy way. Apart from the theme repository, you can even find several premium WordPress themes from online sources such as ThemeForest, Elegant Themes, etc.

However, since we all have our own requirements, there’s a greater possibility that you would want to customize the pre-built themes to befit your business specific needs. Fortunately, with the release of WordPress version 3.4, a new feature was introduced in the WordPress ecosystem called as the “Theme customizer”. This feature was an exciting development – that enables users to make changes to the settings of their theme quickly – and even provide a preview of the changes made simultaneously.


2. Simple and Easy to Use Interface: Makes Editing a Breeze


WordPress at its core is a simple and easy to use interface just like any desktop-publishing software that you might be using today. You don’t need to be a coding expert to use the WordPress interface; in fact, learning to work with the interface is as simple as typing in your website URL and opening it. Beginners or users new to WordPress, can easily learn the process to make edits via the WordPress interface simply by looking at a few basic tutorials.


Essentially, the WordPress interface contains “the power of Microsoft Word with the intuitiveness of an iPhone.” Simply put, if you know how to work with MS Word, then working with the WordPress interface will be a cakewalk for you.

3. Social Media Integration: Help Expand Your Reach


Compared to all CMS systems, WordPress seems to provide better social media integration. As a matter of fact, each WordPress theme comes built-in with social media options. As you may know, social media networks are a proven tool that allows content to reach a wider audience base, thereby increasing your chances of getting noticed by more and more targeted users.

What’s more? You can even share your website content across all your social networks using a variety of WordPress plugins.

4. Embeds: Makes Adding Videos, Images, etc. Super Easy


This is one of the most overlooked features of WordPress. You’ll be surprised to know that most WordPress users are not even aware of this common feature. Well, whenever adding content to your site, you’ll possibly need to embed an image, or video, or tweet in your blog post. Well-recognized services such as YouTube include a piece of code on their video page that can be copied and pasted into your site, exactly where you want it to be shown. However, it would be great if you’ll make use of WordPress’ built-in Embeds feature.

5. There is a Plugin for Everything

WordPress “Plugins” is not exactly a feature, but is definitely worth checking out since they help in extending WordPress features. There are thousands of plugins available in the WordPress Plugins Directory that can be used to improve the overall functionality of your WordPress site – in almost every possible way you can imagine.


Right from integrating more social media icons, to adding more customization ability, and so on, you can find a plugin that can help address your wants and needs.


WordPress, today has become one of the most preferred choice as a CMS that helps fill gaps where other CMS fall through. From providing a straightforward and user-friendly interface ideal for non-tech savvy users, to offering theme customization abilities via theme customizer, and so on, WordPress offers several great features that can help you create a strong online identity in today’s wobbly online marketplace.


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