7 Glorious WordPress Plugins to Improve Typography

7 Glorious WordPress Plugins to Improve Typography

Do you stumble upon blogs that look so totally different from the usual stuff on the Internet? Those colored fonts, marked out quotes, funny images among other elements really make some posts stand out. And if you happen to be a blogger yourself, you sure are grappling with the temptation of getting something similar for your blog. And no, you don’t need to sweat it out with any extra code. Just a few plugins can totally revamp your blog. Here are the most glorious of them:


wordpress typography                        

It is one of the best typography plugins out there, not letting you make a wrong move. The control it gives you with spacing, hyphenation, auto-wrapping of long URLs, Intelligent character replacement, auto-handling of quotes, etc. is unparallel. The plugin also doesn’t miss out on the CSS hooks, which has evolved to be one of the most popular features for people running their own websites.

jQuery Font Resizer


jQuery Font Resizer is another great plugin that proves to be an ideal assistance when the probability of getting typos is high. As the name suggests, it lets the visitors to your blog resize fonts according to their own convenience. By embedding three links to every page on the site, it facilitates change in font size as and when the visitors wish. It goes without saying that your site’s user-friendliness is greatly improved, owing to the resourcefulness of the plugin. It helps in enhancing the usability of your website. Install it on your site and you can see immediate results, particularly in terms of how accessible your site has become.

The TextImage


To begin with, let’s put things in perspective – The TextImage replaces the text on your pages with images. That said, however, the purpose is not to give a visual facelift. There are other incentives of this feature. One is that search engines would not be able to crawl your content, and it will be bypassed most likely. Though, it is an incentive only when you wish it to happen. Otherwise, your website may end up taking a major hit if you are not getting organic traffic for pages you have used these plugin on. The second benefit is that it makes the task of plagiarizing your content difficult for the copy-and–paste specialists out there. They apparently won’t type word to word of what you have written to reproduce your content on their blog. Having said that, some website owners have also been using this plugin to plagiarize other’s content, simply for the fact that it will go unnoticed by the search engines or any other software like CopyScape. The images with the use of this plugin are dynamically generated.

Font Burner


Now here is a barn-burner of a plug in that stays true to its name. Font Burner empowers you to write colored titles for your articles. How many times have you seen such a thing happening! We all have been restricted till now by limiting the colors of fonts to black, white and gray. But not anymore. You can go unbridled with colors. How subtle you wish to keep things totally, absolutely, depends on your taste, or the mood of the page. WordPress makes this plugin available for free.

Drop Caps


The Drop Caps does exactly what it claims. It ads drop caps to the posts and pages on your website, that included comments and little snippets. Whist this is a much desired feature, webmasters had to do with similar plugin with restricted features, or snippets were added manually, rendering the whole set up a little cluttered. What this plugin does for your blog is that it improves the readability by quite some distance and gets all the features that creak down your blog out of the way. The plugin is validated by testing it with WP 2.3 up through 2.7.1. and its CSS is customizable.

Simple Pull Quote


It has been an age old practice to blast off a post with some impressive quote that adds to the whole mood of the article. For such beginnings exactly, Simple Pull Quotes is your alternative that works way better than a usual alternative would. The plugin creates a whole new visible space for the quote, enclosing it between dashed or colored lines or other markers, so that the quotes are the first thing a reader stumbles upon in an article.



Having fun with your blog never came this close to clicking in the top gear. Not, we are not suggesting that this would pop any animations or graphics every time a visitor is reading your blog, but figure how cool it would be if you can use some not-so-decent language on your blog and see a graphic equivalent of the same pop up, without you even trying to create it. Apart from the ‘freedom of speech’ thing that you can enjoy, the plugin can add some much needed wittiness to your blog.

Your blog can be near the peak of its power with these plugins that add glamour and ease of use. Choose which one would you like to go with.

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