Angry Birds Toons Hit The Market

Few years back when the Angry Birds first made their entry into the market, Rovio, a Finnish mobile company, had dreamt that the Angry Birds game would hit 100m downloads. People around the world had made fun of this ambition as they thought it was exaggerated and unreachable. But it remains a fact that Angry Birds have been able to capture the market too soon, beyond one’s expectation. A recent study show that downloads had crossed 1 billion marks in May 2012. Now it stands at 1.7bn.

Seeing this development, Rovio has planned to design an animated cartoon series of Angry Birds and launch it on 16-17 March. It believes that this cartoon series would take its mobile to greater number of people and therefore enhance its sale. According to Rovio’s plans, this animated series will be found in the Angry Birds games section. The makers of this animated character are so overwhelmed by the response it has drawn through downloads that they have ensured that the new animated series is accessible through smart TVs and particular TV networks as well.

Rovio’s new idea about launching a series of animated cartoons was first made public in April 2012 at the MIPTV industry conference. It was stated that the series would consist of 52 episodes, an episode per week. The TV series would start on 16 March, whereas its availability on other media, such as Angry Birds apps and video-on-demand channels would be from 17 March.


In case of the apps, the toons channel can be viewed by clicking a button on the homescreen. In United States, Comcast will air the channel on its special video on demand services. People having Samsung connection or Roku’s set top boxes can also easily see and enjoy the cartoon series. Networks in other countries such as Indonesia, Norway, Chile, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Israel, France, Finland and India are also trying their bets to make this channel available to their residents as well. However, from United Kingdom there has been no response yet.

The fans of Angry Birds series all throughout the globe would be delighted to hear that their favourite toon character has been able to prove its critics wrong. In the Christmas week in 2012 alone, it had undergone more than 30m downloads. It proves that Angry Birds has been a huge hit and its popularity has gone up the ladder with time.

Seeing all this, Rovio has made the correct decision of using the growing popularity of Angry Birds to become a complete entertainment package.


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