Best Android Features that Apple iPhone Doesn’t Have

From an iPod that has touch like teardrop design to a key technology overhaul or just simple minor tweeks, the bloggers simply can’t agree on what they should actually anticipate from the manufacturers behind the next iPhone of Apple. However many iPhone users say though the coming Apple iPhone will have faster A5 chip, 8MP camera which is similar to other iPhones, it shall closely resemble to that of iphone 4S. There are many best Android features that Apple iPhone doesn’t have. Let us have a look on such features now.


Best Android features that Apple iPhone doesn’t have


Android is generally loved by almost all individuals because of many reasons that separate it from other modern operating systems. Both iOS and Android are operating systems which are full of features. Though each of them has its own pros and cons, yet there are many features which the Android is deployed with however the iPhone doesn’t have now days. Some of these android features which the Apple iPhone doesn’t have are listed below:

Unavailability of Flash – Apple iPhone 4S does not support flash and is restricted to partially or completely dedicated flash based videos or websites.
Over the Air Updates – Apple iPhones doesn’t have over the air updates application.
Absence of Alternative Keywords – Apple iPhone doesn’t have the facility of built-in alternative keyword.
True App Integration – This app provides real time connectivity amid the internal applications. But iPhone lacks this application making it less attractive.
Customization of Read Only Memory – iPhone of Apple is not facilitated with property of customizing the read only memory.
Expansion of Memory – The memory of Apple iPhones cannot be expanded.
Widgets – The feature of widgets is unavailable in such iPhones.
Wireless App Installation – This app basically allows installing any application wirelessly on your device. But unfortunately iPhone is not equipped with this feature.
Control Phone from Computer – Apple iPhone lacks certain applications which help us in controlling the android phones from our PC.
4G LTE – This advanced 4G LTE technology is less probable to be adopted in Apple iPhones.
NFC– near field communication – Though this feature is very important in every smart phone, yet Apple’s iPhone lacks it.

All above are the features which are found in almost all high end android handsets however an Apple iPhone lacks them. Though Apple iPhone might have many other features which are rich and user friendly yet some best Android features that Apple iPhone doesn’t have makes it less popular amid the android lovers.


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