Charge your Mobile Phone Battery Via SMS

Is your phone running out of battery? Need urgent backup? Just send a message and the deed is done. Now those who live off grid can charge their phone instantly by just sending a message. The Buffalo Grid Company in London has recently launched a solar powered mobile phone charging station which gets activated via text message.

Launch of Buffalo Grid will solve Mobile Charging problems
Usually inconsistent or absent power grid holds a number of issues for the rural regions in the those under developed and developing areas of the world, Asia and Africa to name a few where the demand of cell phones has rapidly increased. With the rise in demand of cell phones, there has been a tremendous increase in changing charging
trends in the world. As stated by the New Scientist “the basic technique of the company which was lately
tracked in Uganda will surely help people solve this problem

The battery harvests energy from the solar panel via a technology known as MPPT (maximum power point tracking) which charges you battery with 60 watt solar panel.

Factors required for Efficient charging
However, the power output of the solar panel is ruled by several environmental conditions such as quantity of sunlight, temperature and the resistance of the circuit to which it is connected. Though MTTP plays an active role and help in monitoring the conditions and alters the resistance to guarantee the most possible power output at any
point of time. If all the factors are maintained well, then the charging is done at a far better speed.

The invention depends basically on how the stored energy is released to charge your cell phones. All you need to do is send a SMS which costs you around 110 shilling in Uganda. Once the message is received, the LED on the battery lights up, depicting that your phone is ready to get charged.

Charge your Battery for Quite a Long Duration
The Konokoyi Coffee Cooperative, Uganda permits every charge of the phone for 1 hour 30minutes. A completely charged Buffalo grid lasts for about 72 hours and has the capability of 10 charging points conveniently charging 30 to 50 cell phones per day. It is quite a good move but it can be made better with the new innovations in this field.

The Buffalo grid aims to bring down the charging costs and expects to co ordinate with the mobile phone network operators to subsidize the power for charging the phones or help it get free.

Obviously, if you put power in the dead phone they will be used comparatively more as compared to the other discharged phones.

As Becerra stated “instead of spending on the charge, people will expend more on airtime”. With so much in hand, the Buffalo Grid will surely find the best affordable means to render best results in this field and meet the requirements of the customers. It is quite an innovative move from the company.


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