Charge your Mobile Phone with Water

Charge your Mobile Phone with Water

We are all constantly looking for green ways to produce and use energy in our daily lives. The researchers at Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology have come up with an innovative device that can be used to charge small electronic devices using just a spoonful of water at a time. The device is called Powertrekk which is a small and lightweight device which is designed by a team at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and made by MyFC.

Use of Powertrekk

This Powertrekk is an extremely eco friendly as well as convenient device that can generate up to 3 watts of electric energy. It can recharge the battery capacity from 25% to 100% of the device depending on what kind of device one needs to charge. This device is excellent for smartphones, ipods, mobile phones, GPS devices and digital cameras. People who are not near an electricity source can find this device really useful. This is especially true for soldiers at war, people who work in remote areas, people from small
towns and villages where the electricity is off for many hours a day and also for people who want to live a more eco friendly life.

How Powertrekk Works

The Powertrekk device is very simple to use. Just fill the water compartment of the device with one table spoon of water and attach the device to the electronic device like ipod or smartphone with a USB cable and Powertrekk will start charging the battery of your mobile phone. The basic principle is that the water in the device starts reacting to the metal plate in the device and releases hydrogen. This hydrogen reacts with oxygen and produces electrical energy that charges the battery of your mobile phone or other small electronic devices. The device uses micro fuel cell technology and small flat proton exchange membrane fuel cells technology. The spoonful of water can be taken from anywhere for example a tap in the house, a well, a pond or a riverside. The only byproduct of Powertrekk is water vapor and so it is an extremely eco friendly.

As people realize the importance of using renewable sources of energy, such innovative devices will help make us humans friendlier towards the environment. Besides this Powertrekk is an excellent charging device for people who do not get a steady flow of electricity and work in remote areas.


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