Comindware Tracker: Adaptive Business Process Management for Lean Startups

Comindware Tracker: Adaptive Business Process Management for Lean Startups

Those who have ever tried to start a new business know how difficult it is. There are many factors that should be considered before starting a business and while running one in order to be successful.

Personally, I adhere to the lean startup approach, so I would offer you to go lean with your new business to become more agile and better adaptive to changes, which can be achieved by optimizing business processes, increasing performance and becoming agile. All these can be done by improving business process management.

What is BPM?

In fact, business process management is a holistic management approach that combines your business with your client’s requirements. Managing processes manually is practically impossible nowadays. You need special software, i.e. a special tool to make your processes successful.

Although the number of BPM software solutions is big today, only few of them support a lean startup with its demand for flexibility and sensitivity to changes. I’d like to recommend a software solution from Comindware, Comindware Tracker.


What is Comindware Tracker?

Comindware Tracker is a workflow automation solution specially designed with careful consideration of present day business requirements, which ensures effective business process management and team collaboration in real time as well as process tracking, and resource management. Comindware Tracker allows managing processes and implementing changes if necessary.

Comindware Tracker Benefits

  • Quick deployment, simplicity in use, access from the Internet

Comindware Trackers can be delivered in two versions: Cloud-based or on-premise. You can easily and quickly access the system via the Internet, which will take just a few minutes. Processes are built graphically using the click-and-drag interface, which doesn’t take much time and resources. Now you can access your dashboard from your mobile devices using specials iOS and Android applications.

  • Change introduction

Any lean startup means the necessity to introduce changes when they appear. Most BPM solutions don’t allow the option of introducing changes. But Comindware Tracker is specially designed to be adaptive to changes without any disruption to the process.

  • Complete automation

Comindware Tracker can boast of the complete workflow automation of all processes. You can easily assign tasks to the members of the team and indicate the beginning of this task (for example, after the completion of some other tasks). Also you can develop your own forms, introduce your own workflow rules – your data will be processed automatically.

  • Sphere of application

Comindware Tracker has pre-built business applications that can be applied in most typical departments in the company: IT department, software development, finance and accounting, marketing, sales, and human resources. But using this solution, you can easily create your own custom application for your department or for your special needs without any programming skills.

  • Integration with other solutions (Microsoft Outlook, Sharepoint)

Comindware Tracker is integrated with Microsoft Office Outlook. Thus, you can manage your processes directly from Outlook. If you are a keen user of Microsoft SharePoint, you will be pleased to know that Comindware Tracker is already integrated with this solution as well.

  • Improved performance with team collaboration

Using Comindware Tracker, team members can collaborate on tasks and processes, discuss problems and manage documents in real-time.


If you still hesitate whether to use it or not, you can make use of their 30-day free trial plan or sign for the online trial version. Comindware Tracker is good value for money since the price is rather reasonable ($25 per month).

So, Comindware Tracker is an advanced solution which stands out for its flexibility and simplicity in use where you can change workflows, track processes and collaborate in real-time.


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