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Past few years have seen a tremendous rise in the demand of Android devices. Owing to its huge reach, Smartphone app developers have taken to development of apps for Android complaint devices on a large scale. Android has marked its presence and taken over today’s market immensely, in comparison to iOS. As per statistics, Android holds a current market share of 79.3%, which has increased sharply from 73.5%, as it has been recorded in the year 2012. This growth itself points out the extent and popularity of Android apps, which keeps on growing exponentially. To meet this ever-growing demand, developers have to be on their toes to deliver quality apps that can engage users of all kinds.

Only when developers were trying to handle the rush of Smartphone app development for Android, a new wave has come that has increased the challenges for developers to a new height. It is called customization. Custom Smartphone app is the need of the day today, where every organization wants their apps to be customized to promote their services perfectly. These days, businesses understand that every user is different and so are their requirements. In order to match up to the needs and wishes of each customer, organizations take an extra step and offer bespoke app to capture the attention of the people. For this, they have to rely on app developers who would design and develop amazing tailor-made applications for Android devices.

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Android being a popular platform is preferred by both developers as well as business owners. So when considering development of custom apps, Android becomes the obvious choice for everyone. One of the major reasons behind this is the vast accessibility of Android apps. Although, iOS has its share of incredibly interesting range of apps, it is definitely Android that rules the market and reaches out to maximum number of users. Whether it is a developed country like USA or a developing country like India, Android users can be seen in greater proportion when compared to iOS users. Other than this reason, Smartphone app development for Android devices has more advantages to its credit.

Firstly, customizing android apps ensure regular updates of the applications. Android with its open source nature allows constant updates of apps stored in a mobile device. Irrespective of what category of app the users’ use, regular updates that make it perform better is something that is extremely important. Due to the open source operating system, these updates work smoothly on Android. With every update, Google aims to check the existing version of an application for flaws and bugs. Once these are identified and fixed, the latest version of that app gets updated on the user’s mobile that ensures a better experience than what its previous version offered. In case the users find it difficult to adopt the changes, Google assures its users of a complete support for all the updates it generates.


Since Android is more popular than Apple’s iOS, the preference is seen even in case of their respective app stores. It has been observed that Google’s App Store offers more downloadable content than Apple’s App Store; accounting for its wide acceptance. What makes Google more desired platform for launching apps is, it allows developers to put their apps without asking for a competitive licensing cost. All developers need to do is place an app in the precise category and let Google use its extensions to make sure the app reaches out to a definite target audience within a short time frame. This feature makes Google and Android apps widely acceptable among developers.

Another advantage of customizing apps for Android operating system is that the application development interface of Android is easily accessible. This ensures multiple utilization of the platform for development, testing, marketing, distributing, and selling purposes. So, all an organization has to do is hire a competent developer, state the specifications on whose lines the Android app has to be developed and leave the rest on the developer. Using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), developers create some compelling apps for the users.

An Android SDK comprises of an all-inclusive set of tools such as libraries, debugger, and sample code, a handset emulator; which is based on QEMU, some essential documentation and tutorials. The libraries lend the functional support needed to create some rich mobile apps, while the other development tools are responsible for running, testing and debugging applications. It is with the help of these great built-in features of Android SDK, apps catering to this operating system enjoy flexibility and continuous chance to add latest highlights to the existing version.


Android is a powerful platform that allows endless chance of customization. Although, developing custom Android apps with the development toolkits cannot be considered to be an art in itself, but designing it with specific attributes that caters to the requirement of the client as well as the users, is challenging. In order to produce unique and customized applications, developers of Android apps have to take a detailed look at each and every element of the features that are embedded within a custom app. This stage has to be cleared before the development process starts, so that the developers can secure proper understanding of the client’s requirement before starting to work on the application. Even when the customized app is being developed, repeated trials and checks are run on the app in order to identify any weakness and neutralize it.

So, organizations that are happy with standardized application can definitely survive in the cutthroat competitive world of mobile applications. However, in order to excel and become master of user acceptance, any organization would need custom-built Smartphone apps for Android compliant devices. Only when custom products are offered to users, can an organization boast of offering enriching experience for the users. Thus, even if this process takes longer time for the development of the application, this can be safely considered to be a valuable way to welcome a vast realm of users into the organization’s ambit.


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