Experience innovations in smart phones with new features in Android 4.2

Experience innovations in smart phones with new features in Android 4.2

With rapid changes happening in the world of mobile phones, it seems that the universe of mobile phones advances every day with latest innovations taking place. When it is about Android phones, there are numerous handsets which belong to this genre. All the Android phones are actually jam packed with advanced attributes which are sure to attract the handset users and technology lovers. If you are on search of a mobile or smart phone which is pre-loaded with advanced and sophisticated software, then your search will certainly end up at Android 4.2 which has exceptional features.

Fall in love with new features of Android 4.2

Android 4.2 smart phones are coupled with advanced features which will certainly make everyone fall in love with it. Wondering what is so special about this smart phone? Well first is the new keyboard that features the sliding recognition. This keyboard also comes along with predictive input which is based on general strings of word combos. This enables smarter typing. This news will be specifically welcoming for the Android fans. Besides this feature, this software is a camera improvement which will for sure please you. This particular comes along with support for numerous user profiles. When you use this feature you will get personalized background images, home-screens, widgets, and applications besides many other things.

Some additional features of Android 4.2 are highlighted below:

  •  Photo Sphere
  • Multi user support
  • Powerful new security system
  • Gesture typing
  • Google Now
  • Wireless display
  • Daydream – similar to customizable screensaver
  • Miracsat – compatible HDTV
  • Better word prediction and precise dictionary also

Since the handset manufacturers and software developers are working hard on making Android phones the best, the latest version 4.2 is the advanced step in the evolution of smart phones. With all its advanced features which this software has to offer android lovers might think that its battery might not last as long as you anticipate. But before you form any opinion on this, think again. The operating system of this latest version allows faster browsing and multi-tasking besides being energy efficient. This will allow you to enjoy its different features and apps for long hours.

For sure this software can never be complete without having access to multiple Google tools. This will enable you to access Gmail, Google maps, Gtalk, calendar, and YouTube faster. So what are you waiting for, grab your Android 4.2 with advanced and new features soon, without any delay.


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