EYES-ON: Samsung’s Youm Flexible Display Tech at CES 2013

Samsung is one name that is on a continuous move in the industry, and it’s not just mobile phones that will be included in this revolution. Brian Berkeley, senior vice president of Samsung’s display lab publicized at CES in early January this year the future of display technology with its OLED flexible screen called Youm. The Company uses the new organic light-emitting diode (OLED) TV technology, a technology that is more energy-efficient than liquid crystal display.

Youm has been talked about a lot during company’s significant lecture at CES in Las Vegas. Executives have pointed out that it has been designed to reveal enhanced colors and contrast. It makes use of OLED display technology which is so thin that can be easily folded like a sheet of paper. Moreover, it only requires a thin film of these organic light-
emitting diodes to generate a dazzling, colorful screen. This technology offers an elevated overall contrast ratio to the screen along with superior power efficiency than traditional LCD displays.

The features of the display have been very well revealed by the senior vice president of Samsung’s display lab. He demonstrated an archetype of a phone that includes one of these displays that are twisted around the side of the phone, so as to let you see updates on the side. The phone was white and black with a 5-inch screen and had a 720p resolution as per the reports. It is going to give permission to the company’s cronies to craft flexible and dependable displays. The display could be easily bent into a tube.

The day is not far when it would be possible to fold up hefty handset or tablet screens; credit goes to the company who has shown a phone with a flexible screen. The company had been working with flexible-display technology a short time at present. Samsung has already demonstrated flexible, transparent displays at CES 2011. The company also shed
light on their intention to carry them to upcoming gadgets.

The new models feature better form factors and higher pixel displays. However, the Korean electronics company revealed the Youm brand name of the technology only recently. The race of producing bendable displays has been joined by several other players. Companies including LG and Nokia have also displayed bendable models for Smartphone’s and tablets. However, the company did not provide any information regarding the price of Youm and its
release date.

Samsung also illustrated a concept video during its CES 2013 presentation regarding the future of the flexible Youm displays. They did his with a phone-sized gadget that unwraps like a book, disclosing a tablet-sized display inside. The video was extremely successful in explaining the fact that tablets that can be folded like a wallet. So, be prepared to horde a larger screen in your pocket without wasting any space.

This is just the start! There is a never-ending catalog of things that could be designed with this technology!!!


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