Great Tips to Organize Your Gmail Contacts

Great Tips to Organize Your Gmail Contacts

Most of the time our Gmail contacts list is an absolutely cluttered pile of information about the contacts, email addresses and personal contact information about the contacts. Many times people who use Gmail do not even consult their contacts list as it is not managed and completely confusing to access information. But Gmail Contacts list is a great tool in Gmail to store information about your contacts if it is managed well. The following are some tips to organize your Gmail contacts list so that it is useful for getting contact information.

Tips to Organize Your Gmail Contacts

  • A great idea is to manually update the contact information. This is a tedious task, but it will help to manage the contacts better on Gmail. Delete old email addresses; correct the spellings of the wrongly spelt email addresses and also fill out all the information you have of the contacts properly. You can start this process at the “Other Contacts” group.
  • To get the Contacts organized another option is to reset the auto-save settings. With the auto-save settings, every email address that has ever come into correspondence with your email address gets added to the “Other Contacts” list.  If you want to be more organized and manage the contact list yourself then just go to the “General” tab and then to the “Create Contacts for Auto-Complete”. After this change the settings to “I’ll Add Contacts Myself”. This will help you manage your own contacts list but do not forget to save addresses of contacts yourself in the future.
  • A great business networking website is LinkedIn and most people today in the corporate world have LinkedIn profiles. A great idea is to sync the contacts from LinkedIn with your Gmail Contacts. This way all the information from your LinkedIn Contacts is available on your Gmail account. Also another great idea is to have a backup for your contacts list. You can simply export your contacts list and then resave the file on your computer. This way even if there is any problem with your Gmail account then you can have access to the contacts information.
  • Google Contacts Groups helps organize and separate your contacts into groups making it easier to access information from the contacts. Google anyways makes groups of your contacts based on the Google+ Circles and Android favorites lists but you can also separate the contacts and organize them according to your convenience.
  • Another better way to organize the Contacts is to eliminate the duplicate information and club the related information together. There is a “Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts” option in Google in the “More” drop down tab. After Google has eradicated all the duplicates and merged information related to each other a good idea is to recheck it and manually merge or eliminate any information that has been left out by the service by Gmail as it is not foolproof.

Gmail Contacts are an excellent way to store information about your Contacts and organizing them correctly will help access the information more easily.


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