How to Enable ART on Android Devices for Improved Performance

How to Enable ART on Android Devices for Improved Performance

Android is one of the best operating systems for mobile smartphones and tablets available in the market today. There are major international consumer electronics brands like Samsung, LG and Motorola that sell smartphones with the Android operating system today. Android has captured a large market share in the operating systems market for touchscreen and hand held mobile computing devices. Every few months Android comes up with an improved version of the Android operating system.

There are Android updates which help improve the performance of the Android every now and then by Android. The latest Android update has been given the code name Android L which is slated to launch later this year. This update will ensure better performance from the android devices as it includes many exciting new and improved features. These features includes a revamped notification system, a new battery saving mode, an updated user interface and a smarter unlock feature. Moreover the performance of the Android operating system can be enhanced with this update because of the double app performance generated from it, thanks to the new ART runtime. But users need not wait for this performance enhancing feature till the Android L update is released. Some simple steps on the 2013 Google Nexus or the devices using Android 4.4 KitKat version can help users switch to the ART easily. This will be a great technique to enhance the Android device’s performance without waiting for an update which does not happen till later in the year.


How to Enable ART on Android Devices:

Enabling ART on Android devices will enable the device to give a double app performance on the smartphones or tablet. If you want to enhance the performance of the Android device then Enabling ART is a great option. The following are steps to enable ART on the Android device:

• Step 1 is to open “Settings” on the Android device and then select the “About Phone” option.

• The next step is to click on the “Build Number” seven times. This is to help you access more advanced settings and enable the device’s developer options.

• The next step after this is that from the settings menu, select the developer options. Then you will get a choice of the developer options and then scroll down to click on the option for “Select Runtime”.

• After this step, choose the ART option in Runtime. At this step the device will enable ART runtime option.

• Then the next step is rebooting the device after which the device will optimize the apps for the new ART runtime.

• The overall process of optimizing the device with ART will take a few minutes. Most apps are compatible with ART runtime. However if an app does not open due to the change made in the runtime then you can simply change the runtime option back to the original option which was used on the device.

ART runtime offer a great boost in performance of the Android device and as mentioned you can easily switch to ART runtime by following the above mentioned steps.


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