How to Improve Battery Life on the MacBook

How to Improve Battery Life on the MacBook

Nowadays the most important aspect of any tech device is its battery life. If the battery life of your computing device drains out quickly, it becomes less efficient, less portable as you have to keep charging it and also regularly charging the device is highly tedious for most people. Apple products like the MacBook have a good battery life. But, however long lasting a battery life of a product is, it can always get better. In the case of the MacBook, there are a few options available to the users to improve the battery performance of the device and make it run just that little bit more.

Ways to Improve the Battery Life of the MacBook:

• Firstly, check the condition of the battery on your MacBook. For this click on the option key and then click on the battery option on the top of the menu bar. After doing this, you will see the current condition of your battery. If it shows “Normal” then that’s good but if the “Replace Soon” warning appears then you need to do something about it. Either buy a new computer, or change the battery or contact Apple to fix the problem with your battery.

• Apple provides regular software updates that you should install to get a good performance from your battery and a better battery life.



• It is really useful to know exactly how much battery life is left in your MacBook. There is an option in MacBooks that enables the “battery percentage” indicator. So for example if the MacBook has 50% battery life left then it will indicate this number. This helps users be aware of how much battery life the MacBooks have and enables them to use the device accordingly.

• In computing devices, whether MacBooks or smartphones, the display uses up a lot of battery life of the device. To make the MacBook last longer, a useful idea is to dim the brightness of the display a little bit. Similarly the keyboard backlight of the MacBook can be switched off when the user is not using the MacBook in the dark.

• Sometimes what happens is that there are a number of programs and applications that are running in the background on the MacBook. You may not even be using these programs and applications but they are running in the background and using up the battery. Quit any programs or applications that are not in use for a better battery performance.


• Turn off the Bluetooth on the MacBook when it is not in use and also disconnect other dongles connected to the device when they are not in use. These dongles are connected to the device through the USB port and often use up the charge on the battery on your MacBook.

As people use their MacBooks as portable computing devices today, having a good battery performance on the MacBook is key to using the device. Having to charge the battery again and again is a waste of time and also highly inconvenient to many people who are constantly on the move in their professional and personal lives and these tips will help make the MacBook batteries last longer.


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