How to Share Files between Your Android Device and Your Mac or PC

How to Share Files between Your Android Device and Your Mac or PC

Nowadays in the last couple of years there has been a great change in the type of computing devices we use. We definitely still use our MAC computers and Laptops as well as Personal Computers with Windows software. However we also use our phones as Computing devices and store a lot of files in the smartphones. Android is the leading operating system in a smartphone and so many people use smartphones with Android in them. At first people use to share files between the Mac and the PC with Android Smartphones using cables. Nowadays there is an easier wireless way to perform this activity. The following are the steps to help you share files between the Mac and the PC with the Android computing devices like smartphones and tablets.


Steps for Wireless Transfer of Files

  • As Wi-Fi is used for the Transfer, first step is to connect both the computer as well as the android device to the Wi-Fi network.
  • There is a free app in the Google Android Play Store called AirDroid. You need to visit the Play Store and download the app and also launch the app on the Android computing device. The apps come with a tour. So first timers or people who want to know how this app works can simply view the tour which will give you all the information about how to use the app.
  • After you have seen the app tour and understood what this app is all about, the next step is to note down the IP address and password that will appear on the app.
  • Now return back to your MAC or PC and open the Browser of your computer. Enter the IP address given by the app on the Android computing device. After this you will be asked for a password by the computer. Input the 4 digit code that has been given to you. Press Enter on the android computing device and your computer that is the MAC or the PC is connected via Wi-Fi.

After this you can share files easily and more importantly “wirelessly” between the Android computing devices like smartphones, tablets and your personal computer or MAC. This is a super fast and easy method of sharing files where you do not need to use wire or data cables in order to share files between these computing devices.


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