Innovative at its Best: Micromax Laptab

Innovative at its Best: Micromax Laptab

CES that is the Consumer Electronics Show which is held every year in the starting of the year is an excellent platform to showcase latest technology and innovation in the field of gadgets. This year an Indian smartphone and tablet company called Micromax has unveiled a very innovative product called the “Laptab” in the market. The company has plans to launch the product for the consumers in India in February and this is an attempt by Micromax to target an international audience and showcase the innovative technology and latest designs of products that are being manufactured by the Indian company.

What is a Laptab?

This is a tablet device that has an option of Dual OS. This means that it can run on both Windows 8.1 and the Android Operating System. The consumers have an option to choose between the two which means they can either run the Laptab on Windows 8.1 or they can run it on Android’s Jelly Bean version of operating system. This is the major USP of the tablet. Also the customers do not have to choose one of the two and then be stuck with that particular OS. While using the device with one of the operating systems, the users can simply reboot the device and choose the alternate operating system. This is a very innovative concept and Micromax has developed this device along with Intel.  There are many people who like both Android as well as Windows operating systems and this Laptab Hybrid device gives consumers the option of OS is likely to help Micromax achieve global recognition and open new international markets for the Indian smartphone company. Laptab is a combination or a hybrid between a laptop and a Tablet computing device.


Other Features of the Micromax Laptab:

The display screen of the device is a 10.1 inch IPS Display. The Laptab comes with a 1.46 GHz Intel Celeron processor with a storage capacity of 32 GB. There is an extendable memory option up to 64 GB and the device comes with a 2 GB RAM. There are various standard communication options like Bluetooth 4.o and Wi-Fi available with the Micromax Laptab. The device has a solid 7,200 mAh Battery and also has a 2MP front Camera and 2MP rear camera built into the device. Along with the device the customers get a wireless keyboard and protector sleeve for the tablet.

Micromax has a large marketshare in the Indian markets when it comes to smartphones and mobile phones. The company has been looking to go global for years now and has made some good inroads into many markets across the world. By showcasing an innovative product like Laptab at CES 2014, they have taken a step forward in promoting the appeal of their products to the international market. Micromax is a leading smartphone manufacturing company in India and today millions of Indians buy their products. Laptab is a great innovative product that will have appeal in both the Indian market as well as the international market.


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