Is IOS 7 better then Android 4.2, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10

Is IOS 7 better then Android 4.2, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10

Today millions of mobile phone users are switching to smartphones which are phones as well as mobile computing devices. Different smartphones have varying operating systems and there is a new version of these operating systems every few months. For example Apple iPhones have the latest iOS 7 version, Samsung and LG smartphones has Android 4.2 JellyBean version, Windows phone has the Window Phone 8 version and BlackBerrys have the latest BlackBerry 10 operating system version. Generally the latest smartphones have a new version of operating system. Let us compare the iOS 7, Android 4.2, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 operating systems.

Comparisons Based on Features


Control Center

While iOS 7 has a Control Center and Android 4.2 operating system has a Central Operating System, Window Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 operating systems do not have this feature. For the Window Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 operating system the users have to access the “setting” menu instead.


iOS 7 is the latest version of iOS and it comes with a Flat design. This Flat design will allow the users to get a multitasking preview for their Apple devices. In Android 4.2 there is a Recent List feature for multitasking preview. Users can use this multitasking preview option to switch between apps using “Recent List”. The Windows Phone 8 has a multitasking preview feature that helps users go from one active app to another. The Apps Frame Grid that is available on the homescreen of the BB10 shows all currently active apps.

Notifications Center

The Apple iOS 7 has a Notification Center. Its Notification Center has been divided into 3 categories which are Today, All and Missed. The Android 4.2 version of the Android operating system also has detailed notifications including toggles, music controls and other notifications. There is a BlackBerry Hub on the BB10 OS where the users get all the messages and notifications. However the Windows Phone 8 does not have a central notification center and the users have to access controls from the Home Screen.

 Photo Stream Share Options

Sharing photo streams with other users is possible with other users on Apple iOS 7. Sharing Photo streams is not possible for all Android 4.2 smartphones. This option is only there for the Samsung Galaxy S4 the latest Android smartphone by Samsung. On Windows Phone 8 OS and BB10 OS this option is not available and the photos have to be shared one by one individually.

Photo Grouping

There are several photo grouping features of iOS 7. Apple has launched new features like Moments, Collections and Years with the iOS 7. In the Android 4.2 version photos can be grouped by albums, dates or other relevant tags. In Windows Phone 8 photos can be grouped or differentiated as per albums and dates. On BB10 OS also the photos can be grouped under photo albums or recently clicked. So there are a lot of options for photo grouping in all operating systems.

Sharing Options

Wireless sharing of a host of different files is possible using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on Apple iOS7 using the feature AirDrop. On Android 4.2 smartphones people can share data wirelessly using the Android Beam, a NFC based feature on Android. The Windows phone also has a NFC Based sharing feature called Tap+Share and a similar NFC based feature is also present in the BB10 OS for sharing data and files.

Automatic App Updates

Updating the apps and getting the new versions of the apps is very important. On iOS 7 the apps can be updated automatically in the background. Window Phone 8 has an “Update All” option for the apps. On Android 4.2 the apps when they are downloaded there is an option of automatically updating them in the future. If the users use that option the apps will be automatically updated. However in BB10 OS users have to update apps one at a time.

Unified Browser Bar

A unified browser bar is present in the Safari browser of Apple. Android 4.2, Windows Phone 8 as well as BlackBerry Operating system 10 all have a unified browser bar in their browsers.

Password Protected Reset Option

There is a great safeguard option for the Apple iOS 7 devices. A new password protected reset option is available so that the stolen devices cannot be operated without the Apple ID and password of the owner of the phone. Other operating systems do not have this feature.

Features for the Car

Hands free access is provided to access calls, messages and maps using the latest iOS 7 software in the car. There is an in-car integration “Driving Mode” on the Android 4.2 OS and Nokia Drive, in-dash integration for Windows Phone 8. BlackBerry 10 OS does not have such a feature but some apps that are downloadable on BB 10 perform this function.


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