Manage Your PST File Data in MS Outlook Using Split PST Software

Manage Your PST File Data in MS Outlook Using Split PST Software

MS Outlook is a messaging platform for users around the globe, it allows messaging, contact storage, notes taking etc. All the mailbox data of Outlook gets stored in a PST file on the hard drive of the system. The only limitation that users face while using Outlook is data storage issue. In older version of MS Outlook ANSI PST file is created that allow storing data up to 2 GB in Outlook PST file, on the other hand MS Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 allows storing data up to 20 GB extendable up to 50 GB in Outlook 2013. But this does not mean that you have to store bulk data in Outlook. The data management is the most crucial part of data storage on local hard drive, thus some users prefer to divide Outlook mailbox data into multiple parts according to their requirements. Some prefer to divide PST file data according to dates whereas some prefer to store data according to folder wise.

This segment recommends a commercial tool named as Split PST that helps to manage your PST file data in MS Outlook account. The tool provides you options to divide PST file data according to size, date, folder and year wise. Additionally, the tool provides options, either to choose ANSI PST files to split or can split Unicode PST files respectively. The interface designed for the tool is so simple that even less technically sound people can easily execute the process to split PST hassle free.

Facility Available With Tool

• The tool provides the option to divide PST file data in smaller parts that becomes manageable for users.
• Embedded with multiple options to divide PST file data i.e. according to size, date, folder and year wise, to better arrange data quickly
• Users can choose the Outlook version before starting the process of split PST file so that both types of PST files, i.e. ANSI and Unicode can be divided with the tool.
• Eliminate corruption or oversizing issues in Outlook by dividing the data into smaller parts because oversized PST has filed always lead to errors and corruption.

Software Details

• Full Name: Split PST Software
• Current Version: 4.1
• Size: 5.4 MB

Activation Details

 RAM: 512 MB of RAM is required, but 1 GB is recommended
 Processor: 1 GHz processor is required, but 2.4 GHz is recommended to run the tool
 Hard disk space: 10 MB of free hard disk space is required
Windows Operating System version: Supports all versions of Windows OS including 8.1/8 and all below versions
 Supported Editions of MS Outlook: Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 in 32 and 64 Bit both are supported by tool
 Windows Version: 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista/Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (32 and 64 Bit)

Application Pre-Requisites

 Microsoft Outlook should be installed and configured properly in system to run the tool
 Windows 8.1/8/7 or Vista users must run the machine as “Run as Administrator” to run the tool.

How Software Performs?

To obtain better results from software, it is necessary to install and configure the tool properly into system.

Note: The working illustrated below is for the demo version of the tool which has few limitations.
Once the tool is downloaded and installed into the system, run it from Start > All Programs > Split PST software. The initial screen of the tool looks like this:

Spilt PST Software

Now click on ‘Split’ option provided in the menu bar of the tool to divide PST file into smaller parts.


Once you click on Split option the tool will show you screen as shown in above figure, select Outlook format for which you want to split PST file and then choose the split option accordingly. And proceed to next step by clicking on Next option.


In the next step, you need to select the Outlook PST file which is required to split with software and then provide the size in MB to split PST file according to folder wise criteria.


Now software will display split information about PST file along with other details like PST type, PST size, Split option and Split folder details. You need to click on ‘Split’ option to proceed with the process to divide PST files.


Now when you click on Split option, the tool will start processing to divide the PST file according to provided details. Progress report can be viewed into software panel along with split options to view all details about PST files.


The tool will display the message on screen stating that splitting process is complete, click on ‘Ok’. Now ‘Compare PST’ file option is provided for users so that you can easily view the details of PST files which are divided with original PST file in an Excel worksheet.

Now exit the software by clicking on exit option to close the process of split PST file from your system.

Limitations Of Using Free- Demo Version Of Tool

The above suggested steps clears the idea of how software works and can only split 10 emails from each PST file folder. Once you got satisfied with working on tool and performance, then invest into a full version of tool for splitting unlimited PST files from Outlook account. Also the full version of tool is available into multiple licenses that suits to the requirements of different types of users, corporate sectors and enterprises.

Split Unlimited PST Files In Licensed Version

If fully satisfied with working on the tool, invest into licensed version of tool for splitting bulk PST file data from Outlook account. Personal, Business and Enterprise license of the tool are available for a splitting N number of PST files according to the needs of users.
 Personal license of the tool is available for a single user to split unlimited PST file emails into multiple parts without any limitations, but will be accessible into a single machine of the user.
 Business license of the tool is available for multiple machines to split bulk PST file data. But users can access this license in the same geographical location.
 Enterprise license of the tool is available for multiple machines situated at the different geographical location to split PST file into equal parts.

Observations From The Tool

If overall the positive and negative aspects of the tool are observed, then, it can be concluded that positive aspects of tool gains the more popularity as compared to pitfalls of the tool. First and foremost pros of tool are fast working. The tool works unimaginable fast to divide the large sized PST file in equal parts. The results on the hand if observed are more accurate stating the swift process also works fine in the terms of accuracy. If overall rated the tool stands on 9/10 points in terms of accuracy, flexibility and performance. Also support assistance is provided for users to resolve issues that related with pre and post sales queries of product.


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