Mobile Gaming Going Stronger Than Yesterday?

Mobile Gaming Going Stronger Than Yesterday?

Apologies for quoting a song from Britney Spears but it seems the mobile gaming industry is really going “Stronger” than yesteryears. It could be an obvious fact for many or perhaps a surprising revelation for others but needless to say, games have become an essential “survival” tool of living everyday life. So what do the experts have to say about it?
As Dan Rowinski states it in his article over at {}, “Everybody needs games. Like, everybody. Games to pass the time. Games to learn. Games to compete. Games to prove yourself. Millions of years of human evolution and games, in one shape or another, have been there every step of the way.” In short, games are deeply embedded in humanity. It may not be a need, but it’s an essential factor that keeps society evolve in imagination and creativity.

In just recent years we’ve seen the growth of games over the internet. Online gaming has encompassed all types of genres from adventures to shoot-em-ups, role playing to massive multiplayer role playing, puzzles to poker, mental to casino. Social games like Poker, Blackjack, and even Slot machine games have already found their popularity thanks to sites like What made PartyPoker and other gaming hubs all the more successful is the adaptation of the social networking approach pioneered by Facebook, which has also been instrumental in the successful popularization of many online games. Poker’s online boom in the mid 2000’s is just an indicator that mobile gaming is already gaining major ground as an economic earner in many countries.

“It’s the ease and convenience of smartphones that is the main selling point. Why carry dedicated devices that may, admittedly, be better than the phone in certain areas when it would be a hassle to have all those separate things with you? The {PlayStation 3} used to carry the slogan ‘it only does everything’, but it doesn’t fit in your pocket for a start. A portable device with such a wide range of abilities that genuinely does do everything is the epitome of the something for everyone ethos,” that’s according to the article {The Mobile Future of Gaming} by The convenience provided by smartphones now paved the way for multi-tasking, and what is multi-tasking without enjoying a game or two minus the hassle of going home to play a game in your Wii, or have the bulky effort of having a PSP, along with your music player and your phone?

Rowinski proclaims the gaming industry is a stable market. “We are now in year 6 of the mobile revolution. As mentioned above, people around the globe were using {more than a billion smartphones as of late 2012}. Another billion are expected to come online over the next three years. After that, who knows? Developed countries have hit a saturation point — most U.S. and Western Europe consumers already own smartphones that they continue to upgrade when new versions come out. Emerging markets like India, China, Eastern Europe and the Middle East will drive much of the growth over the next five years.”


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