One on One: Android KitKat 4.4 and Apple iOS 7

The latest offering from Apple and Google are exciting. Google’s Nexus model makes its first appearance with Android 4.4 KitKat. Likewise, the most recent Apple iPhone 5S, 5C, and the iPad Air–come with iOS 7. Let’s scan the key features one by one:

User interface

Both iOS and Android show disparity from the preceding versions. iOS 7 has simple and colorful design and is as effortless as ever. Animations can be switched off. The font is thinner and lighter than before.

KitKat resembles its forerunner models.  It introduces a number of new features. The old text messaging app is swapped by Hangouts app. This too can be replaced by any SMS app of one’s choice.

Scrolling and zooming is hassle-free in both operating systems.


An outstanding feature of Android is customization. You can always customize your phone by downloading from Google Play. Alternate Android app stores can be checked as well.  iOS 7 lags behind here as once you have the design, nothing can be done about it. Also, Android can hold widgets on its home screens, whereas iOs7 can not.

Email and Messaging

KitKat, like its Android predecessors has distinct Gmail and IMAP/POP3/Exchange email apps. Apple’s Mail app has similar identical features as earlier ones with integrated inbox for all Gmail, IMAP, POP3 and Exchange accounts. Emails can be deleted and archived by swiping off-screen in both iOS 7 and KitKat. In Android, contacts can be grouped together (an added advantage).

Calendar and mapping

The calendar apps are almost same in both. The variation is seen in iOS 7, where red color is used to highlight the current date and time. Apple maps have improved considerably but still lag behind Google maps in reliability.

Siri/Google Now
Siri and Google Now are voice-controlled virtual assistances in iOS 7 and Android. Siri can open apps, send text messages, set reminders and alarms, confirm the weather, change currencies, regulate the device’s settings, or search for things on Wikipedia or Twitter. Besides being in English, it is available in French and German too. Android’s Google Now follows voice instructions and offers data that proves useful to the user. For example, if you visit a place on Google Maps, Google Now will explain how to reach there on activation.

Android Beam vs. Apple’s AirDrop

Android Beam transfers files, bookmarks, contact information, YouTube videos between two closely placed devices. Proper alignment is required to exploit this feature. In contrast, with Apple’s AirDrop photos can be transported instantly. The devices too need not be placed in close proximity. It is simply rapid.

Browsing and security

Android 4.4 employs Google’s Chrome web browser whereas iOS 7 uses Safari. Though both are good but safari is more responsive. Features such as Incognito mode, multiple tab support, and bookmark synchronization between devices can be accessed with both.

Apple’s operating system shells out more security protection than Android’s. Apple evaluates every app in its app store wherein, Google does not do that. This encourages malware.


Multitasking is more flexible in Android than iOS 7. Also it supports multiple user accounts which is a let down from Apple.


More than a million applications are available on Apple and Google app stores. Many apps are offered for both iOS and Android. Apple has some exclusive apps, for which there are no equivalent apps on Android.

Software updates

iOS updates can be downloaded immediately globally. Unfortunately, with Android it takes few weeks to months to even a year to download the latest updates.

The Verdict

Apple’s operating system stands out in key areas like software updates and security. It also outshine in applications. Android outperforms in areas such as Maps, Email/Calendar and Google Now applications. Customization is also where it is superior to iOS. Hopefully, the analysis will help you in knowing the two.


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