Order Food Online with Foodpanda Mobile App

Order Food Online with Foodpanda Mobile App

Technology is always, day by day, improving. Many different services appear every day, but, since long time ago, we were missing the kind of service that I am going to explain now. Everyone knows how to proceed when you want to eat something from a restaurant, but want it at home. First is to find the telephone, call the restaurant, place the order and wait to the delivery guy. Thanks to Foodpanda, the procedure change, now you just need to take your phone, search the restaurant, and place the order, saving a lot of time, avoiding confusions that usually happen with the calls to the restaurant and making everything easy and intuitive.

First of all, when you open the App, either in your tablet or Smartphone, first thing is tell us your location, to give you the list of restaurants, divided by cuisines that deliver to your place. When you choose a restaurant, the whole online menu appears where you can choose starters, main courses or the whole meal with dessert and beverage.


Any question you may have, on their website, they have a live chat tool, to ask anything you may need, and this is very important, it is a great way to show that the company cares about the customer, and are there for them.

One recommendation we give to you is to always check their social media channels, they used to have many offers and discounts that will make your order cheaper, which is always great. Good food for less money is something we always love.

Talking about restaurants, in their database you could find from the most famous restaurants like Pizza Hut or McDonalds, to the small but high quality restaurants that offer typical Indian, Chinese or other cuisines. All available for you to place your online order, with a short delivery time, they do not want you to wait too long.

Foodpanda.in implemented a review place in every restaurant page, so, after your meal, you can write about it there, giving your opinion about the sales process, delivery, and taste of the food. This is always very helpful for every customer that visit the website, because all the information anyone can read is a way to make a decision easily, and to be sure that the process and food will make you satisfied.

A signal of their quality could be their 700.000 likes worldwide on their Facebook page, where also you can find more offers for some restaurants and funny pictures of their office and headquarter.

From here, we fully recommend their service to everyone that has the opportunity to order food on the go and try the service. It is really reliable and effective. They are nowadays present in 14 cities, so, if you are lucky, and live or visit one of those countries and try the service, please, give us a comment below and tell us how it went. Enjoy your food!


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