Presenting The 5 rivals Of Android: Sure To Impress You

Presenting The 5 rivals Of Android: Sure To Impress You

Operating systems such as Google Android and Apple iOS has successfully made smartphones a duopoly. The latest BlackBerry as well as Windows 8 phone tried their best to rule the industry but have not accomplished in making an important mark in this field. Samsung, the Korean based electronics giant have decided to severe ties with Google Android. The report from Bloomberg claims that 96% of the devices of Samsung are operated by the Google Android. Not any more as Samsung has approved of some new operating system in order to support the massive fragmentation of the device that is faced by Android users as well as developers.

The latest 5 rivals of Android are Tizen OS Symbian, Jolla Sailfish, Meego successor, Ubuntu and Firefox OS. These rivals are not known to lots of people but are impressive enough to lure you by their features.

Tizen OS Symbian

Tizen OS Symbian that has been developed in collaboration by Samsung as well as Intel and apps in this operating system are going to be based on the web and will be functioning on HTML5. It had been created after Nokia abandoned Meego OS. All the Firefox applications will be consistent with it.

Jolla Sailfish

Jolla Sailfish user interface was first exhibited by the Jolla at an occasion in Nov 2012. It is a Linux based and is garnering great support from various Chinese manufacturers and so has planned to base its server in China. In an environment full of competition the Chinese touch has given Jolla an advantage in cost.


MeeGo successor is developed from the remains of OS and MeeGo and the phones using this software are likely to hit the market in 2013.


Ubuntu runs more or less like a desktop and is Linux based operating system. Even though it does not assist Android apps it still can be equipped in your current Android phones. Since Ubuntu does not support Oracle’s Java Virtual Machine it will be unable to run apps in Android which was primarily done to emit fragmentation of the handset which Android users majorly undergo.

Firefox OS

Firefox OS is the latest mobile operating system that has been developed by Mozilla. It makes use of a Linux kernel an boots into a Gecko based engine that enables users run apps developed completely using HTML, JavaScript etc. Firefox OS is currently undergoing huge development as its developers are constantly working on how to make it easy for its users.


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