Re-Skinning Mobile Apps

Re-Skinning Mobile Apps

The mobile apps market is very competitive today with millions of apps available on leading platforms like Android and IOS. The apps have to be competitive in a space where the competition can be with many apps in the same segment of the market. Also as this is a very innovative segment of the market there is almost constant innovation and technical upgrades available. As developers and customers need faster and better apps all the time in this competitive market, re-skinning mobile apps is an easier option for many developers.

What is Re-Skinning Mobile Apps?

In computers, re-skinning of mobile apps means modifying the graphical user interface or look and user experience of the app. This means that the underlying structure and source code of the app remains the same. The app framework remains the same but the app is modified into a new app. This is a much faster way to come up with a better app for the same concept. If the app framework is solid but the look or user interface or the app is causing it to fail, the developer can simply re-skin the mobile app depending on the feedback of exactly what the customers or client companies are looking for. This saves time and effort on part of the developer because writing a new code for an app with essentially the same concept is time consuming and is also waste of money and effort on the part of the developer.

Re-skinning of apps is done by developers whose apps are not successful and want to create apps for the same concept of the app that has failed because of its look or user interface not clicking with the customers. It is however illegal for developers to use app frameworks of other developer and just put a “skin” on the app and present it as their own. But developers can take permission to re-skin mobile apps of other developers from the developers who had designed the original app. Also developers can now buy app frameworks from other developers and re-skin the app.

This is a great idea for developers looking to find success in mobile apps. It saves a lot of time and developers can create apps one after the other in quick succession. Re-skinning of apps is a good strategy for mobile app developers as it is an easy way to modify an app and even add additional features to the app.


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