Review of the Pin Drop App

Review of the Pin Drop App


Pin Drop App

Smartphones have made travel simpler and more exciting over the last few years. You can find your favorite places online and with the help of map apps, you find that your way has never been so easy. There are many map apps available on Android and iOS and one of the popular ones is the Pin Drop App. This is a great user-friendly mapping tool which helps viewers note down their favorite places or places that they might frequent often in a city. For example, if a traveler is new to the city, noting down the location of the traveler’s hotel on the map using the Pin Drop App is extremely convenient and easy.

The following are some of the features of the Pin Drop App:

Uses of the Pin Drop App


• Unlike many other map apps, Pin Drop App is a customizable map app that pinpoints locations and places that matter to you. This feature enables you to drop a “pin” at a location that matters to you and name it according to what it means to you.

• This means you can place “pins” on the map at your favorite picnic spot, restaurant or place that you frequent often. Also if you are a traveler to a new city you can place “pins” for sights and tourist attractions that you would like to visit.

• Another great use of this app is that you can save these pins on the app and also share it with your friends through social networking. This makes the app really useful for meeting people or planning a hang out with friends. You can share the location where you want to meet with your friends so that they arrive at the place using the map directions on the app.

• You can check out tips from top curators on the app and also find out places that are close to you using GPS through the app. The app lets you pin point your own location and save it for future reference using GPS.

Pros of the Pin Drop App

• User friendly app that is customizable to let you save and remember places that matter to you.

• Helps find places around you and also lets you view tips from top curators in the area.

• This is a great social map app to plan a meet with family and friends and you can drop as many pins on app maps as you want.



• There have been many bug fixes on the app recently and there have been a number of updates too on the Pin Drop App.



This particular app is a great competition to the more established apps like FourSquare and Google Maps. The customizing option is its USP because it lets users drop pins on the locations that are important to them. It has a good social networking and sharing option making it a great app to combine maps and social networking together. The sharing option makes it a great app for planning a meet and also saving the pins helps locate places easily using this app.


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