Review – Sony SmartWatch 3

Review – Sony SmartWatch 3

Nowadays the trend is all about wearable technology gadgets. Smart watches are becoming increasingly popular with most electronic giants launching smartwatches in the market. Sony has been in the smartwatch market for some time now. The latest smartwatch launched by Sony is the Sony SmartWatch 3. This is the first smartwatch launched by Sony that is not operating on their own proprietary operating system. Overall this is the 4th smartwatch launched by Sony and the first that uses Android Wear as its operating system. Many of its competitors like Samsung, LG and Motorola have already launched smartwatches with Android Gear, making Sony a late entrant in the category. However there are some good features in the Sony SmartWatch 3 that will help this Sony product gain some popularity in the market. The following is a review of the Sony SmartWatch 3 features:


Sony SmartWatch Review

• One of the most popular features of the Sony SmartWatch 3 is that it has a built-in GPS radio, which is a feature that is missing from other Android Gear run smartwatches in the market. This feature allows the smartwatch to become a more precise workout tracker as compared to other devices. So this device is likely to be very popular with people who like to work out.

• The hardware of the device is quite generic and not very attractive as the design is not that innovative. The 1.6 inches display screen is also not that bright as compared to some of its competitors in the market.

• A popular feature of the Sony SmartWatch 3 is that it has a good battery life and the display though not very bright is however easily readable in sunlight.

• This is an Android Gear operated smartwatch so Android apps can be accessed using this device. It is a good option for Android smartwatch market and also it has some futuristic features inbuilt in the device.


• Some of the features in the new Sony SmartWatch 3 include Wi-Fi and NFC. Though Android apps do not use these features that much today, it is likely that these features will become more popular in the near future. So this smartwatch is one of the most futuristic in the market today and is one of the least likely to get outdated as of today.

Overall this Sony SmartWatch 3 has some really good features and some letdowns. It is a late entry into the market and is likely to get attention from customers because of some of its good features.


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