Custom Smartphone App Development for Android Compliant Devices

Past few years have seen a tremendous rise in the demand of Android devices. Owing to its huge reach, Smartphone app developers have taken to development of apps for Android complaint devices on a large scale. Android has marked its presence and taken over today’s market immensely, in comparison to iOS. As per statistics, Android holds a current market share of 79.3%, which has increased sharply from 73.5%, as it has been recorded in the year 2012. This growth itself points out the extent and popularity of Android apps, which keeps on growing exponentially. To meet this ever-growing demand, developers have to be on their toes to deliver quality apps that can engage users of all kinds.

Only when developers were trying to handle the rush of Smartphone app development for Android, a new wave has come that has increased the challenges for developers to a new height. It is called customization. Custom Smartphone app is the need of the day today, where every organization wants their apps to be customized to promote their services perfectly. These days, businesses understand that every user is different and so are their requirements. In order to match up to the needs and wishes of each customer, organizations take an extra step and offer bespoke app to capture the attention of the people. For this, they have to rely on app developers who would design and develop amazing tailor-made applications for Android devices.

smart phone apps development

Android being a popular platform is preferred by both developers as well as business owners. So when considering development of custom apps, Android becomes the obvious choice for everyone. One of the major reasons behind this is the vast accessibility of Android apps. Although, iOS has its share of incredibly interesting range of apps, it is definitely Android that rules the market and reaches out to maximum number of users. Whether it is a developed country like USA or a developing country like India, Android users can be seen in greater proportion when compared to iOS users. Other than this reason, Smartphone app development for Android devices has more advantages to its credit.

Firstly, customizing android apps ensure regular updates of the applications. Android with its open source nature allows constant updates of apps stored in a mobile device. Irrespective of what category of app the users’ use, regular updates that make it perform better is something that is extremely important. Due to the open source operating system, these updates work smoothly on Android. With every update, Google aims to check the existing version of an application for flaws and bugs. Once these are identified and fixed, the latest version of that app gets updated on the user’s mobile that ensures a better experience than what its previous version offered. In case the users find it difficult to adopt the changes, Google assures its users of a complete support for all the updates it generates.


Since Android is more popular than Apple’s iOS, the preference is seen even in case of their respective app stores. It has been observed that Google’s App Store offers more downloadable content than Apple’s App Store; accounting for its wide acceptance. What makes Google more desired platform for launching apps is, it allows developers to put their apps without asking for a competitive licensing cost. All developers need to do is place an app in the precise category and let Google use its extensions to make sure the app reaches out to a definite target audience within a short time frame. This feature makes Google and Android apps widely acceptable among developers.

Another advantage of customizing apps for Android operating system is that the application development interface of Android is easily accessible. This ensures multiple utilization of the platform for development, testing, marketing, distributing, and selling purposes. So, all an organization has to do is hire a competent developer, state the specifications on whose lines the Android app has to be developed and leave the rest on the developer. Using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), developers create some compelling apps for the users.

An Android SDK comprises of an all-inclusive set of tools such as libraries, debugger, and sample code, a handset emulator; which is based on QEMU, some essential documentation and tutorials. The libraries lend the functional support needed to create some rich mobile apps, while the other development tools are responsible for running, testing and debugging applications. It is with the help of these great built-in features of Android SDK, apps catering to this operating system enjoy flexibility and continuous chance to add latest highlights to the existing version.


Android is a powerful platform that allows endless chance of customization. Although, developing custom Android apps with the development toolkits cannot be considered to be an art in itself, but designing it with specific attributes that caters to the requirement of the client as well as the users, is challenging. In order to produce unique and customized applications, developers of Android apps have to take a detailed look at each and every element of the features that are embedded within a custom app. This stage has to be cleared before the development process starts, so that the developers can secure proper understanding of the client’s requirement before starting to work on the application. Even when the customized app is being developed, repeated trials and checks are run on the app in order to identify any weakness and neutralize it.

So, organizations that are happy with standardized application can definitely survive in the cutthroat competitive world of mobile applications. However, in order to excel and become master of user acceptance, any organization would need custom-built Smartphone apps for Android compliant devices. Only when custom products are offered to users, can an organization boast of offering enriching experience for the users. Thus, even if this process takes longer time for the development of the application, this can be safely considered to be a valuable way to welcome a vast realm of users into the organization’s ambit.


One on One: Android KitKat 4.4 and Apple iOS 7

The latest offering from Apple and Google are exciting. Google's Nexus model makes its first appearance with Android 4.4 KitKat. Likewise, the most recent Apple iPhone 5S, 5C, and the iPad Air--come with iOS 7. Let’s scan the key features one by one:

User interface

Both iOS and Android show disparity from the preceding versions. iOS 7 has simple and colorful design and is as effortless as ever. Animations can be switched off. The font is thinner and lighter than before.

KitKat resembles its forerunner models.  It introduces a number of new features. The old text messaging app is swapped by Hangouts app. This too can be replaced by any SMS app of one’s choice.

Scrolling and zooming is hassle-free in both operating systems.


An outstanding feature of Android is customization. You can always customize your phone by downloading from Google Play. Alternate Android app stores can be checked as well.  iOS 7 lags behind here as once you have the design, nothing can be done about it. Also, Android can hold widgets on its home screens, whereas iOs7 can not.

Email and Messaging

KitKat, like its Android predecessors has distinct Gmail and IMAP/POP3/Exchange email apps. Apple’s Mail app has similar identical features as earlier ones with integrated inbox for all Gmail, IMAP, POP3 and Exchange accounts. Emails can be deleted and archived by swiping off-screen in both iOS 7 and KitKat. In Android, contacts can be grouped together (an added advantage).

Calendar and mapping

The calendar apps are almost same in both. The variation is seen in iOS 7, where red color is used to highlight the current date and time. Apple maps have improved considerably but still lag behind Google maps in reliability.

Siri/Google Now
Siri and Google Now are voice-controlled virtual assistances in iOS 7 and Android. Siri can open apps, send text messages, set reminders and alarms, confirm the weather, change currencies, regulate the device's settings, or search for things on Wikipedia or Twitter. Besides being in English, it is available in French and German too. Android’s Google Now follows voice instructions and offers data that proves useful to the user. For example, if you visit a place on Google Maps, Google Now will explain how to reach there on activation.

Android Beam vs. Apple's AirDrop

Android Beam transfers files, bookmarks, contact information, YouTube videos between two closely placed devices. Proper alignment is required to exploit this feature. In contrast, with Apple’s AirDrop photos can be transported instantly. The devices too need not be placed in close proximity. It is simply rapid.

Browsing and security

Android 4.4 employs Google's Chrome web browser whereas iOS 7 uses Safari. Though both are good but safari is more responsive. Features such as Incognito mode, multiple tab support, and bookmark synchronization between devices can be accessed with both.

Apple’s operating system shells out more security protection than Android’s. Apple evaluates every app in its app store wherein, Google does not do that. This encourages malware.


Multitasking is more flexible in Android than iOS 7. Also it supports multiple user accounts which is a let down from Apple.


More than a million applications are available on Apple and Google app stores. Many apps are offered for both iOS and Android. Apple has some exclusive apps, for which there are no equivalent apps on Android.

Software updates

iOS updates can be downloaded immediately globally. Unfortunately, with Android it takes few weeks to months to even a year to download the latest updates.

The Verdict

Apple’s operating system stands out in key areas like software updates and security. It also outshine in applications. Android outperforms in areas such as Maps, Email/Calendar and Google Now applications. Customization is also where it is superior to iOS. Hopefully, the analysis will help you in knowing the two.

The 5 Best Custom ROMs for Android

Android operating system is used by many people around the world for their smartphones as it is one of the most popular smartphone operating systems available today. Android operating systems is developed by Google. Google has kept Android an open source operating system and developers from all over the world use the Android source code to develop and modify the Android operating system. Custom ROMs helps android users update, modify or revamp their android operating systems on the computing device. These custom ROMs help upgrade android versions, modify the way android is used and also help add in new features to the existing operating system. These Custom ROMs have regular updates and the popular Custom ROMs are available for many android devices. The following are Top 5 Custom ROMs for Android:

The 5 Best Custom ROMs for Android:

1)  CyanogenMod

This is the most commonly known and a very popular Custom ROM that is available for Android. This Custom ROM has been available for many years and the latest 10.1 version is now available. CynogenMod supports a large number of android devices from Motorola, Samsung, Nexus and HTC smartphones. This Custom ROM helps user’s access features like customizable quick settings, customizable software, hardware keys and other features.



AOKP is a short form for Android Open Kang Project and is a popular Custom ROM in the market today. This is free open source software that helps add plenty of features to the existing Android operating systems versions that are available in the market. There are regular updates of this software that are available and the current latest version that is available for a large number of android devices is the JB-MR1 Build 4. This Custom ROM adds many new features and tweaks to the Android operating system and became very popular from 2011 since the release of Icecream Sandwich version of Android.


3) Paranoid Android

A Great Custom Rom available to help customization of the android device is the Paranoid Android. There are many add-ons and features that are available through this custom ROM like per app colors, per app dpi, pie and many others. Paranoid Android ensures that the users have a great unique experience and customization available with this Custom ROM is spectacular. It is available for the latest versions of the Android operating system and also supports many devices that use Android.  Paranoid Android is available in a few Nexus, Galaxy and an ASUS device.

Paranoid Android

4) Euroskank

Another top Custom ROM that is available for a large number of android devices is Euroskank. Euroskank supports many Nexus and Galaxy devices. Euroskank is a kang of CynogenMod and helps users access many new add-ons and features and also enables quick access to newer versions of the Android operating system.


5) Vanilla RootBox

One of the latest Custom ROMs to be built is the Vanilla Rootbox which is an open source ROM that is built to include a whole host of features. This Custom ROM has some features from other popular ROMs like CynogenMod, Panoroid Android and AOKP. This Custom ROM is also available for a large number of Android devices like Nexus Devices as well as many Samsung Galaxy devices. There are many features available with Vanilla RootBox like per app DPI, navigation bar color and OTA updates among the notable few.

Vanilla RootBox

Customizable ROMs are increasingly being used by Android users as many times the developers of these ROMs develop amazing add-ons, features and UI for the android devices that match the development done at Google for Android and also at other popular brand names in the market that sell smartphones, tablets and other devices that use Android operating systems.

Wondershare’s MobileGo for Android

One of the best mobile computing operating systems in the world today is the Android Operating System. It has a large market share when it comes to mobile operating systems used on the smartphones and the tablets. Major companies like LG, Samsung and others all over the world sell smartphones and tablets with Android Operating Systems. Management of files and other media files on these Android devices and also sharing data and files across Android devices is not always easy. This is also true for files transfer and sharing files between your Android device and your PCs. As a large number of smartphone users use Android devices today, Wondershare has developed a fabulous App called MobileGo for Android which will help to manage the Android devices and also helps in easy transfer of files and data between devices.


Features of Wondershare’s MobileGo for Android

  • The MobileGo for Android helps manage files and apps on Android devices. The app helps duplicate everything on the Android device on the PCs so that the users have a backup. This can be achieved by just a single click and the quality of data is also well maintained.
  • Moving apps to SD is easy using this MobileGo app for Android. This app helps to manage your apps, helps in uninstall and install of apps, in downloading of free apps, help backup Apps on PCs and also in exporting apps.
  • This is a great app for people who like to listen and share music files across many devices as easy transfer of these files is possible with the help of this app. This is a great app for people who listen to music. All types of media files can be easily converted, managed and transferred using this app. This app helps convert music and video files and sync your iTunes playlist with your Android device.
  • It is always better to have backup information on Contact information on the Android devices in your PCs. Transferring and Editing Contact information is easy between devices using this app. This app helps transfer this information easily to your PCs and also helps you send SMSes and do social networking directly from the PCs. This MobileGo app for Android acts as a desktop SMS assistant and helps in group texting, import and exports of messages and it also manage your phone calls through your computer.
  • This app provides convenient access to your favorite websites and helps you access various websites easily.


Wondershare’s MobileGo for Android is a great app that will make managing Android devices and transferring data and files between Android devices really easy. MobileGo is a great app and the developers have a 30 Days Moneyback Guarantee with the app so the users can buy this app without any worry. The app has free customer service and the app is also a 100 % clean virus free app to download on your android devices. The app can be bought via a safe secure online payment method and is a great app for users who use Android Operating System computing devices.

Review of Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android

Bitdefender is an antivirus software suite that is designed and developed by the Romanian firm Softwin. It deals with antivirus security for a host of different operating systems, computing devices and softwares. Nowadays mobile smartphones are increasingly being used all over the world as computing devices. Android is a leading operating system that is used by many smartphone users all over the world. Android has a large percentage of the world market and so naturally Bitdefender is a Mobile Security Software suite for the Android Operating system.  The Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android is usable for any Android device that uses the 2.2 Android version and all the versions after that. The company has a Mobile Security for Android devices. Let us see the review of the product.

What it includes:

This product helps protect the android device as well as save the battery of the device.  It saves battery because it has an in the cloud technology which helps reduce the strain on the Android device and protects the operating system. The following are some of the key features of the Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android.

Privacy Advisor:

The PC Advisor is a new feature of the Bitdefender Mobile Security. This is a really cool feature as it gives information about an app to the user. This means that it tells the user how the app will “use or abuse” the personal information that the users share with the app when they download or install it.

Anti Theft & Web Security

It has a new Anti Theft feature with web dashboard and SMS commands. The SMS anti theft control is a great feature of this antivirus. The owner of a smartphone can locate, lock, wipe or send a message to the android devices. The Bitdefender Cloud is used by this antivirus to alert the users while browsing the net of any malware, phishing or fraudulent content on the web page accessed by the user on the Android smartphone.

Scanning & Battery

One of the positives of the Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android is the scanning. The scanning is very fast which saves time. It has on demand scanning whenever the user wants to check whether all his apps are legitimate and safe. Another great aspect of the antivirus software is that it conducts an on-install scan for the apps that are installed in the smartphone at the time of installation. Another positive of this antivirus is that it runs effectively even with a low battery, as low battery charge does not impact the functioning of the antivirus.

Bitdefender antivirus is a popular brand for security softwares. The device will have a great anti malware protection by using the Mobile Security For Android by Bitdefender. The anti theft tools in particular are very impressive especially the SMS command system is one of the positive features of this antivirus for the Android Smartphone. It does not get in the way and works well in the background to provide good protection to the Android device.

Best Large Screen Android Phones

Today a large number of smartphones are Android smartphones with large touchscreen displays. These are very popular as because of the large screens the users can video chat, browse the web, use apps, watch movies and videos and also make work presentations using their smartphones. The following are the best large screen Android phones that are available in the market today:

1)  Samsung Galaxy Mega: Samsung Galaxy Mega is a new smartphone launched by Samsung that comes in two versions according to the size of the display screen. There is a 5.8 inches version for Rs. 25,100 and a 6.3 inches touchscreen display version of Samsung Galaxy Mega which is available for Rs. 31,490. This is a great android smartphone by Samsung for users who prefer large touchscreen smartphones.


2) Samsung Galaxy Note 510: This is a great smartphone + tablet device by Samsung and is very popular among the smartphone and tablet users.  The Samsung Galaxy Note 510 does the job of a tablet as well as a smartphone and has a large touchscreen of 8 inches. The Samsung Galaxy Note 510 is priced at Rs. 30,900.


3) Samsung Galaxy Note II: This smartphone+ tablet Android device by Samsung has been around for a while now and has been very popular with the customers. It has given a solid performance and is a great big screen Android smartphone to buy. The Samsung Galaxy Note II is priced at 37,500.


4) LG Optimus G Pro: If the customers are looking for a great Android smartphone with a big screen LG Optimus G Pro is a good product to buy. This smartphone has a large 5.5 inches touchscreen. It has plenty of good features and also the overall look of the smartphone is quite appealing. The LG Optimus G Pro is available at Rs. 38,990.


5)  Lenovo K900: This is a great big screen android smartphone by Lenovo. It has many great features and is available at Rs. 27,990. Moreover the smartphone is beautifully designed and is a super slim and lightweight smartphone and has a 5.5 inches display touchscreen.


6) Huawei Ascend Mate: This Android smartphone by Huawei has a really large 6.1 inches touchscreen display which is bright and gives a good overall performance. It is available in the market for Rs. 24,900 which is cheaper than some of the other big screen smartphones and has a great battery that can last an average user for a couple of days.


7) Asus Fonepad: The Asus Fonepad is a great Android smartphone that has a large high quality 7 inches display screen. It has good features like a great battery life and expandable memory. Moreover this Android smartphone is available at Rs. 15,999 which is a great price and much cheaper than other smartphones that offer big screens.


Nowadays phones are not just used for calling or text messaging. These big screen smartphones are really cool computing devices that are portable and can perform a large number of operations.

Apps that Help you Cut your Phone Bill

Apps are mobile smartphone software applications designed for various different purposes. Some apps can be easily bought and many apps are free. One of the main problem facing the people is the phone bill. Nowadays people use mobile phones very frequently as it has become a part of life. But at the end of the month when the bill comes, it is usually much more than the phone budget allotted for the month. However we cannot stop using our phones and even reducing the usage of mobile phones is not an option most of the times.

There are many apps today that can be used by us that will help reduce the mobile phone bill but still keep you in touch with all your friends, family and colleagues. There are many apps that can be used to stay in touch with people for free. There are some apps that can be used only for specific operating systems and mobile manufacturing companies like FaceTime that can be used only for Apple iOS devices and ChatON for Samsung devices. These apps perform different functions that help you save on your mobile phone bill. Let us see some of the apps according to the functions that they provide.

Free SMS

There are many apps that users use to send free messages to each other. The most popular among these is WhatsApp that lets you send free sms. Other than Whatsapp there are many other apps that provide free messaging service. Some of them include Gupshup, Pinch, Hike and Nimbuzz etc.

Free Video and Voice Calling

Nowadays many people use the free video and voice calling apps on their smartphones. These allow you to make long distance calls for free and also have video calling options where you can see your friends, family and also conduct video conference meeting with business colleagues for free or a very small charge. The most popular app for video and voice calling is Skype. Some of the other apps that support this function include Nimbuzz, Fring, Oovoo, FaceTime (Apple iOS users only) , Talkatone, Viber etc.

Instant Messenger Service

Many apps provide instant messenger service, where you can start using the app and send instant messages to each other. Nimbuzz, Kik etc. are apps that provide instant messaging services.

Group Chat

There are many free or minimally charged group chat service apps that can be used by mobile smartphone users. These apps can be used to chat with many friends together or have a business conference with many colleagues. Some of the apps that support group chat include WhatsApp, Nimbuzz, WeChat etc.

Sharing Multimedia for free

Sharing multimedia files like video, picture and audio files for free is possible with the help of apps. Some of the other apps that support this function include Nimbuzz, Fring, Oovoo, Rebtel, FaceTime (Apple iOS users only) , Talkatone, Viber etc.

These are the various different types of apps that help in cutting the mobile phone bill.

How to Find Name and Location of Unknown Callers


Missed calls, wrong numbers and pesky calls that one gets from unknown numbers are highly annoying and sometimes stressing. Want to find out who the caller is? Want to find out where the call is being placed from? Truecaller App is the answer to this problem. Truecaller App is developed precisely for this purpose. Truecaller App is developed by True Software Scandinavia AB. This App is currently available on mobile Smartphone Operating Systems of Android, Blackberry OS, Apple iOS, Series 40, Symbian and Windows phone. It is also available on the internet.

Use of this App

Truecaller App is a free App. This App provides the free service of locating the place from where the Call has been made and the name or the Caller ID of the Caller making the Phone Call. That is how Truecaller derived its name “True Name of Caller”. It also provides Call Blocking Service.


How it Works

The Truecaller App works in the form of a Global Phone Directory. The Database that is created for this App is crowd sourced. This means that the user’s entire address book is uploaded to the Truecaller Database. If you like your privacy and do not want to share your address book this App is not suitable for you.
It provides the function of Caller ID service, Social Media Integration and Call Blocking. In 2012 Truecaller had 5 Million Users that used this App worldwide. Truecaller is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Turkish.
Some Countries do not have Public Data available like United Kingdom and India. The users from these countries benefit from such Apps to find name and location of unknown Callers as it provides the users information that is not easily accessible in their respective countries.



Truecaller service is not restricted to Smartphone mobile users only. One can use this service online through the internet. is the online version of this App. On this website one can search for the unknown numbers using their free phone number search which is available there. It performs mobile number searches in your computer browser.
So we see that to find out name and location of unknown callers that cause unnecessary nuisance and stress, Truecaller App is an absolute boon to help solve this problem that many users face.

Review: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9

There is not much of a difference between the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and the previous 7-inch model. The device comes with the same operating system. The Google’s Android has been heavily modified which presents you the Amazon’s ecosystem of books, music, movies, and apps. In this article you will get to read the comparison of Kindle Fire HD 8.9 with full-sized tablets.

The price of this tablet starts at $299, but you get what you pay for in many respects. The Kindle Fire
HD includes a large screen that is just suitable for magazines, books and movies. However, it is not the
device that comes with productivity features such as multitasking, web-browsing, calendar and email.
Though it looks similar to the 7-inch model, it has been stretched out doesn’t look as thick as previous
version. The rubbery backing makes this device pretty easy to hold. There are only two buttons on the
edge, which are volume and power buttons. An extra $200 is needed for you to have the Kindle Fire with
4G LTE connection from AT&T.

The stereo speakers of this device are perfect and louder than other tablets. Even the half volume of the
Kindle Fire HD is pretty loud compared to the mono speaker of iPad. The screen quality is also amazing.
As the HD name itself says, a sharper screen has been added by the Amazon. The quality of screen is
similar with that of the iPad. There is not much of a difference and it is an incredible display to have with
$200 less.

There are some additional features and a few bug fixes, however there are some annoying problems in
the operating system. Every time you try to open a new movie, app, book or navigate to a new section
you can notice a lag. The lag is not as noticeable as it was in the previous model, but it is still present in
the latest model.

When considering the basic tablet functions, such as multitasking, calendar, and email, the Kindle Fire
is still behind the iPad and other Android tablets. The calendar and email apps are quite bare and the
advantage of large screen can’t be experienced. As stated earlier there is no multitasking and there is
shortcuts menu for the quick access.

You won’t find the Amazon’s app selection as good as the other Android tablets and the iPad. The Kindle
Fire HD doesn’t come with the best selection of apps. It is not possible for you to have access to the
official Google Play store to search for the Android apps. Rather, your only option is the Amazon’s store

that usually takes long to introduce latest apps.

In conclusion, the Kindle fire HD 8.9 is the perfect device for playing games, reading books or watching
movies. This device is really good for these activities. You will have a great value of the device if that is
all you plan to do. You can go with the $299 model instead of the $499 4G LTE version.

Author Bio:

Scott Garcia is a freelance author and writes on different topics. His latest technology article
is related to the Nikon D5200 Digital SLR camera.

10 Must have Android Apps

Apps are the most essential part of smart phones now a days. Having a right app in your smart phone to help and save lots of time. Whether it is booking a ticket or finding a restaurant in your favourite city, there are a number of free apps available on Google Play to fulfil your requirements and make your Android smart phone your best friend.

Here is my pick of 10 must have Android apps.

1. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is the best application for sending online SMS for free. Whatsapp is available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia phones. You can send and receive pictures, messages and video messages free for first year.

2. AVG Antivirus Free

AVG is free and most popular Antivirus in the android market. By activating the anti-theft feature of the device, you can even track your smartphone in case it is lost or stolen.

3. MX Player

MX Player is one of the most used free video player on Android market. MX Player can play videos from almost every format.

4. JustDial

JustDial is best for local searches. You can find the best restaurants, lounges in your city, the late start shows, ATMs, Hotels, Doctors and much more. The official Just dial android app gives you all flexibility to sort the results based on your preference.

5. Viber

I am using Viber to talk to my friends overseas and I really like all the functionality of this app. Nice and easy to interface including the free calls make it the best in its class.

6. Skype

Skype is always the best in free video calling from Skype-to-Skype. You also can make low cost calls and send SMS to mobiles or landlines from your Android smart phone or tablet.

7. nexGTv

nexGTv application with best of the Indian channels & Video on demand content nexGTv Mobile TV Client is one of the best application which offers a compelling end-user experience to view Live TV on mobile devices.

8. Angry Birds

Here comes the most popular game of recent time Angry Birds. With over 1 million 5 star rating on Google play is the most played game on android smart phone.

9. Talking Cat

Its a good fun app, punching tom on this face is the most hilarious part of the app. Voice and graphic quality of the app is perfect. If you are thinking about laughing Talking Cat is the answer.

10. Indian Rail Info App

If you are a traveller  you must have Indian Rail Info App. It is the most download android app for information about Indian Railways. The app offers details like PNR status, seat availability, train numbers seat upgrade status, fares and status of running trains.