One on One: Android KitKat 4.4 and Apple iOS 7

The latest offering from Apple and Google are exciting. Google's Nexus model makes its first appearance with Android 4.4 KitKat. Likewise, the most recent Apple iPhone 5S, 5C, and the iPad Air--come with iOS 7. Let’s scan the key features one by one:

User interface

Both iOS and Android show disparity from the preceding versions. iOS 7 has simple and colorful design and is as effortless as ever. Animations can be switched off. The font is thinner and lighter than before.

KitKat resembles its forerunner models.  It introduces a number of new features. The old text messaging app is swapped by Hangouts app. This too can be replaced by any SMS app of one’s choice.

Scrolling and zooming is hassle-free in both operating systems.


An outstanding feature of Android is customization. You can always customize your phone by downloading from Google Play. Alternate Android app stores can be checked as well.  iOS 7 lags behind here as once you have the design, nothing can be done about it. Also, Android can hold widgets on its home screens, whereas iOs7 can not.

Email and Messaging

KitKat, like its Android predecessors has distinct Gmail and IMAP/POP3/Exchange email apps. Apple’s Mail app has similar identical features as earlier ones with integrated inbox for all Gmail, IMAP, POP3 and Exchange accounts. Emails can be deleted and archived by swiping off-screen in both iOS 7 and KitKat. In Android, contacts can be grouped together (an added advantage).

Calendar and mapping

The calendar apps are almost same in both. The variation is seen in iOS 7, where red color is used to highlight the current date and time. Apple maps have improved considerably but still lag behind Google maps in reliability.

Siri/Google Now
Siri and Google Now are voice-controlled virtual assistances in iOS 7 and Android. Siri can open apps, send text messages, set reminders and alarms, confirm the weather, change currencies, regulate the device's settings, or search for things on Wikipedia or Twitter. Besides being in English, it is available in French and German too. Android’s Google Now follows voice instructions and offers data that proves useful to the user. For example, if you visit a place on Google Maps, Google Now will explain how to reach there on activation.

Android Beam vs. Apple's AirDrop

Android Beam transfers files, bookmarks, contact information, YouTube videos between two closely placed devices. Proper alignment is required to exploit this feature. In contrast, with Apple’s AirDrop photos can be transported instantly. The devices too need not be placed in close proximity. It is simply rapid.

Browsing and security

Android 4.4 employs Google's Chrome web browser whereas iOS 7 uses Safari. Though both are good but safari is more responsive. Features such as Incognito mode, multiple tab support, and bookmark synchronization between devices can be accessed with both.

Apple’s operating system shells out more security protection than Android’s. Apple evaluates every app in its app store wherein, Google does not do that. This encourages malware.


Multitasking is more flexible in Android than iOS 7. Also it supports multiple user accounts which is a let down from Apple.


More than a million applications are available on Apple and Google app stores. Many apps are offered for both iOS and Android. Apple has some exclusive apps, for which there are no equivalent apps on Android.

Software updates

iOS updates can be downloaded immediately globally. Unfortunately, with Android it takes few weeks to months to even a year to download the latest updates.

The Verdict

Apple’s operating system stands out in key areas like software updates and security. It also outshine in applications. Android outperforms in areas such as Maps, Email/Calendar and Google Now applications. Customization is also where it is superior to iOS. Hopefully, the analysis will help you in knowing the two.

Review: The Apple iPad Air

Apple Inc. is a major player in the worldwide smartphone and tablet market and they just released their new tablet called the Apple iPad Air in October – November of this year. This is an exciting new entrant in the 10 inches tablet segment of the market and with great features that are incorporated in the new iPad Air, it looks like one of the best new tablets out there in the market. This is the fifth generation tablet released by Apple Inc. There have been some major changes that have been adopted by Apple in this new fifth generation iPad Air. The following is the iPad Air review of all the features of this new tablet in the market.


Hardware and Display

Apple has made some major changes in the design of the new iPad Air as compared to the previous models of the iPad. Firstly it is much thinner than the previous versions and the iPad has smaller screen bezels. The iPad Air weighs just over a pound and the design looks super sleek. The display screen is an LED-Backlit IPS LCD screen. This multitouch capacitive screen has 16M colors and is a 9.7 inches screen size with 1536 x 2048 pixels resolution. The display screen has a scratch resistant glass and an oleophobic coating. The tablet is available in two colors- space grey and silver.

Processor & Battery

When the customers buy the iPad Air they will get the latest Apple software and operating system. The iPad Air has the iOS 7 operating system with Apple A7 chipset. The CPU of the tablet is a 1.4 GHz dual-core. The tablet comes with all the latest processor details that are developed by Apple. The tablet has a fantastic battery life so with heavy use it will last the users for hours. The battery is a Non – Removable Li-Po 8,820 mAh battery.

Camera & Memory

The tablet comes with both primary camera and secondary camera as expected with tablets in this segment. The primary camera is a 5 MP camera with all the major features and the secondary camera is a basic 1.2 MP camera. The tablet has a good video recording option available on the camera. The iPad Air does not have any memory card slot which is a negative but it can be bought by the customers in various internal memory options. There are 4 options that the customers can go for- 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. So customers can choose accordingly. The iPad Air has a 1 GB RAM.


The Apple iPad Air is available for the 2G, 3G and 4G (LTE) networks. It has most of the Apple online services like App Store, iTunes Store, iBookstore, iCloud, iBookstore and the Game Center.

The iPad Air is available in a varied price range depending on the memory option that the customers choose to buy. It is available from around $500 to more than $900 depending on option chosen by the customers. Overall this is an iPad model that has been appreciated by the critics and has got a positive response from the buyers so far.

A look into the hits and misses of Apple iPad Mini

As per the latest news from international media, Apple is all set to launch its iPad Mini tablet this year. It is anticipated that this gadget will be a big hit when it is released. This is sure to bring in bad news for the competitors like, Barnes & Noble, Google and many more who belong to the same industry. On one hand when people anticipate the ipad to be a hit, there are critics who believe that it could be a big miss. Let us have a look into the reasons as to why Apple iPad Mini is expected to be a hit or miss.

Why Apple iPad Mini will be a hit?

Here are some reasons highlighted which support the success of iPad mini.

  • Powerful A5 chip, beautiful display, iSight camera, FaceTime HD camera together with ultrafast wireless, 1080p HD video recording, and above 275,000 applications ready to be downloaded from the app store

  • Beautiful 7.9 inch display with thin and light design

  • Built-in apps for almost everyone – iPhoto, iMovie and many more

  • Incredible performance – with 10 hours battery backup

  • Two built-in cameras, making every side good. Capable of shooting 5 megapixel images

  • Latest Wi-Fi technology which is built-in

  • Built-in intelligent assistant – Siri

  • Additional features - iCloud, iOS, Airplay and lightening connector

With its less costly prices, Apple iPad Mini shall for sure delight those who desire an Apple item, but can’t afford to buy one due to its high price.

Why Apple iPad Mini will be a miss?

Apple iPad Mini is the hottest and highly developed generation in Apple iPad tablet family. Though the tablet is full of attractive features there are some shortcomings also like:

  • iPad mini is powered by processor – A5 which falls short of snappy performance.

  • NFC is excluded from Apple iPad mini. This makes it incapable of transferring videos, songs and other files with other devices.

  • Though the iPad boasts of exemplary screen, yet it falls short of the precision of retina display technology.

  • The body of the iPad Mini is of aluminum.

A complete pack in a smaller pack

Apple is greatly advertising its items now days. Whenever it is about to launch its gadget, it makes sure that it is spending hours for the first commercial to show up. As per the most up-to-date records, Apple iPad Mini shall certainly include multiple attributes and if this is true, the tool will have sturdy sales soon after its launch.

IPhone 5 Purchase – Best Guide to Make a Cost Effective Deal!

Are you impressed with new iPhone 5? Do you want to buy one for you or for your loved one? And, do you want a cost effective approach? If yes, then you might need some guide to move the right path, otherwise, your bank may have to bear heavy burden. How to make an ideal iPhone 5 deal possible? Here are the words that need your attention and will surely help you to make an intelligent decision about this latest Smartphone.

iPhone For New Line – Get It At Subsidized Price

For all those living in U.S., iPhone 5 is available at a subsidized rate if a new line is added to the family plan. The discounted price for the device is just $200. However, if a family member already has a phone, but without upgrading, then actual cost i.e., $650 would have to be paid.

If you don’t want to pay full price, then another option is to get a new line and keep the old one intact unless it expires. However, keeping the old line and getting new, subsidized one for iPhone 5 is beneficial only if the expiry date will come within 15 months, otherwise, it will cost you $30 a month if you have a Verizon plan.

It’s also not possible to get a used iPhone 5 because it has launched recently and no one will want to resell the device. However, the price may drop by $50 after holidays.
Cricket’s offer: Cricket, the prepaid carrier, offers iPhone 5 at $499, but there is no contract.

iPhone 4S Is Also Not A Bad Option

If you can’t afford iPhone 5 for your family member, then do try iPhone 4S, which is available at $549. The price gap between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 is almost $150. If you go for unlock iPhone 4S option, you will have to pay a little more.

What About Service Plan?

As far as service plans of iPhone 5 are concerned, the best option is to switch from current Verizon plan to family Share Verizon plan. Another way is to go for a different carrier for the Smartphone.
You can get a subsidized plan for iPhone 5 from Sprint or AT&T. It’s possible to get a new contract against just $200 to be paid for the device. However, this will cost you more in the service head. The least expensive individual packages of AT&T and Sprint are $90 and $80 a month.
Many regional carriers offer more discounted service to make the deal ideal for iPhone 5. C Spire is offering iPhone 5 at $150 with a 2-year contract. Another low cost deal is of $60 per month, which includes texting, talking, and data service.

Wireless Plan On Verizon

The smart wireless plan of Verizon is offered at $40 per family member. The data charges are $60/month (for 2GB data) and these are additional to the normal wireless plan. It means a wireless plan for one family member would be $100 if no one else were using the service, otherwise the data charges would be the same and the members has to pay the plan cost. For additional 2GB data, one has to pay $10 more to Verizon.

T-Mobile Plan

The least expensive plan for iPhone 5 is of $50/month excluding taxes as well as fees. This cost covers unlimited texting, 500 minutes voice plan, and data of 2GB. This plan doesn’t include Wi-Fi tethering. Data overage isn’t charged by T-Mobile and that is a good thing about it. The side effect of data exceeding the specified limit is just slowing down of the service, not the bill overloading.
T-Mobile requires a 2 year contract for least expensive packages, no contract options are also available, but with high cost.

Cricket Plan

The prepaid plan of Cricket doesn’t involve any kind of contracting and provides unlimited offer of texting, voice, and data (with 1GB limit). The whole cost of the package is $55/month (with all taxes and fees included).

While going for Cricket’s service plan, following few things need your consideration.

  1. It has operations in the area you live.
  2. Cricket claims to have nationwide own networks and with other roaming partners. However, there are complaints about network’s reach.
  3. 4G LTE service is hard to achieve with cricket because there is a frequency mismatch between cricket and iPhone.

While buying an iPhone to gift your loved ones need knowledge to make a wise decision. Look at the available options, cost, network, and coverage. Why to make an expensive purchase if iPhone 5 is available at affordable cost including the monthly service? The lines above would be of great help for you to buy the latest iPhone without breaking your bank.

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iPad Mini – what is being expected from Apple

iPad Mini has been one of the most eagerly awaited devices that Apple is rumored to introduce to cater to its small size low cost tablet customers. Though there has been no official announcement, several unconfirmed reports are in circulation and rumors of its release are quite strong. Since its launch two years back, the iPad has been the market leader among tablets, but gradually the budget tablets such as Google Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire and Nook HD have also caught the fancy of the users. The smaller version of iPad is expected to counter them and find favor for educational as well as gaming use.

According to the predictions, the iPad Mini will be coming with a display screen size of 7.85 inch. This is much smaller than the usual 9.7 inch display of the other Apple tablets, but ideal for competing with the likes of the 7 inch Kindle and 7 inch version of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Moreover, it might have 16:9 display, and LG Display Co., and AU Optronics are reportedly working on designing the screen. Besides size, low cost is the feature that is said to be among the main attractions of the gadget although Apple is quite noted for extravagant offerings. Being specifically aimed at the tablet market’s lower end, the iPad Mini is expected to be priced in the price range of $250 and $300. However, it is also rumored to be the only small size tablet having a cellular data connection, and the data-enabled Mini might cost up to $450. A 3G/4G support that is also being expected by some observers might push the price even higher for the supported versions.

Owing to the low cost, the device might be made available with an internal storage of only 8GB, just like its tentative competitors. However, some reports claim that it will come in 64GB, 32GB, 16GB and 8GB versions. The body of the tab might be 7.2mm thick and the leaked images of the casing components show it to have an iPhone5 like finish, with a thin black anodized aluminum sheet. The battery of iPad Mini is speculated to be quite decent-sized with a 10 hour life. Dual cameras and two speakers are the other expected features. As far as the software is concerned, the tablet might be using iOS 6, and the Processor used can be dual core A5.

Apple’s technological expertise and budgeted price is an irresistible combination that has customers waiting eagerly for the mini iPad to hit the stores.