Review of the Pin Drop App


Pin Drop App

Smartphones have made travel simpler and more exciting over the last few years. You can find your favorite places online and with the help of map apps, you find that your way has never been so easy. There are many map apps available on Android and iOS and one of the popular ones is the Pin Drop App. This is a great user-friendly mapping tool which helps viewers note down their favorite places or places that they might frequent often in a city. For example, if a traveler is new to the city, noting down the location of the traveler’s hotel on the map using the Pin Drop App is extremely convenient and easy.

The following are some of the features of the Pin Drop App:

Uses of the Pin Drop App


• Unlike many other map apps, Pin Drop App is a customizable map app that pinpoints locations and places that matter to you. This feature enables you to drop a “pin” at a location that matters to you and name it according to what it means to you.

• This means you can place “pins” on the map at your favorite picnic spot, restaurant or place that you frequent often. Also if you are a traveler to a new city you can place “pins” for sights and tourist attractions that you would like to visit.

• Another great use of this app is that you can save these pins on the app and also share it with your friends through social networking. This makes the app really useful for meeting people or planning a hang out with friends. You can share the location where you want to meet with your friends so that they arrive at the place using the map directions on the app.

• You can check out tips from top curators on the app and also find out places that are close to you using GPS through the app. The app lets you pin point your own location and save it for future reference using GPS.

Pros of the Pin Drop App

• User friendly app that is customizable to let you save and remember places that matter to you.

• Helps find places around you and also lets you view tips from top curators in the area.

• This is a great social map app to plan a meet with family and friends and you can drop as many pins on app maps as you want.



• There have been many bug fixes on the app recently and there have been a number of updates too on the Pin Drop App.



This particular app is a great competition to the more established apps like FourSquare and Google Maps. The customizing option is its USP because it lets users drop pins on the locations that are important to them. It has a good social networking and sharing option making it a great app to combine maps and social networking together. The sharing option makes it a great app for planning a meet and also saving the pins helps locate places easily using this app.

Top 10 iPhone Photo Apps Every iPhoneographer Should Have

iPhone's camera has indeed evolved over the last couple of years. From 2 megapixels in 2007 to 8 megapixels today, there are so many innovative and fun things you can do with it.

Nowadays, you no longer need the latest Nikon or Canon DSLR cameras to take impressive, professional shots. With the use of iPhone photo apps, you can easily capture stunning pictures like a pro.

Here are the top 10 iPhone photo apps every iPhoneographer should have.


This photo app is perfect for those who are into old school photography. It's capable of various retro effects and has different film and lens features to make your photos more impressive. The only downside of this app is that it is not capable of manual adjustments or exposure.


This photo app has one amazing feature. And that is, it is capable of wiping out colours from different portions of an image. By expanding the image and then placing your finger into a certain area, you can easily erase a colour. The resulting photo will surely impress you.


This photo app lets you save the pictures you've taken in dRAW TIFF format. TIFF images have higher resolution than those that are in JPEG form. Aside from that, PureShot is also capable of white balance lock and manual focus. It also allows you to decide whether you should opt for positionable spot-metering or standard multi-zone.


This photo app is perfect for amateur iPhoneographers who want to use professional photography tools. With this app, you can easily focus and filter the images you're capturing. Aside from that, Camera+ also allows you to make the scenes or objects you're taking a lot clearer.


This app will not necessarily make your images professional-looking, but it will certainly give you a lot of fun. You can edit and add some amusing stickers to your pictures. You will certainly have a great time using this photo app.


This is an amazing image editor that lets you modify or correct photos like a pro. Though it is not fully loaded with impressive features like the other image editors, it's very usable and user friendly. You can easily change its interface and arrange the images side-by-side to help you pick the pictures that you think are impressive.

Grid Lens

One cool feature of this photo app is that it lets you put several images into one single photo. It's very user-friendly and allows you to share the personalized images you've created to your friends easily.

Photo Mugs

Photo mugs is new incredible app on iPhone to get your photo's printed onto mugs professionally and quickly. This app allows you view your mug before you buy. Also the app developers claim it to be UK’s first app that allows you to create, edit and order photos onto mugs. To know more about this iPhone app you can visit website or itunes app store.


This is perhaps one of the best iPhone photo app available these days. This app will transform your iPhone into a high-end digital camera, much like a DSLR. What's more, it's capable of full-resolution image-processing. If you're looking to take stunning, professional shots, then this app should be in your phone.


Of course, this list will never be complete without including the most popular photo and sharing app these days—Instagram. This photo app lets you take stunning images, edit them, and most important of all, share them to the world. And the best part is, Instagram is free.

So, there you have the top 10 iPhone apps. So what are you waiting for? Grab at least 1 or 2 of them today. And start your career as a professional iPhoneographer.

Apps that Help you Cut your Phone Bill

Apps are mobile smartphone software applications designed for various different purposes. Some apps can be easily bought and many apps are free. One of the main problem facing the people is the phone bill. Nowadays people use mobile phones very frequently as it has become a part of life. But at the end of the month when the bill comes, it is usually much more than the phone budget allotted for the month. However we cannot stop using our phones and even reducing the usage of mobile phones is not an option most of the times.

There are many apps today that can be used by us that will help reduce the mobile phone bill but still keep you in touch with all your friends, family and colleagues. There are many apps that can be used to stay in touch with people for free. There are some apps that can be used only for specific operating systems and mobile manufacturing companies like FaceTime that can be used only for Apple iOS devices and ChatON for Samsung devices. These apps perform different functions that help you save on your mobile phone bill. Let us see some of the apps according to the functions that they provide.

Free SMS

There are many apps that users use to send free messages to each other. The most popular among these is WhatsApp that lets you send free sms. Other than Whatsapp there are many other apps that provide free messaging service. Some of them include Gupshup, Pinch, Hike and Nimbuzz etc.

Free Video and Voice Calling

Nowadays many people use the free video and voice calling apps on their smartphones. These allow you to make long distance calls for free and also have video calling options where you can see your friends, family and also conduct video conference meeting with business colleagues for free or a very small charge. The most popular app for video and voice calling is Skype. Some of the other apps that support this function include Nimbuzz, Fring, Oovoo, FaceTime (Apple iOS users only) , Talkatone, Viber etc.

Instant Messenger Service

Many apps provide instant messenger service, where you can start using the app and send instant messages to each other. Nimbuzz, Kik etc. are apps that provide instant messaging services.

Group Chat

There are many free or minimally charged group chat service apps that can be used by mobile smartphone users. These apps can be used to chat with many friends together or have a business conference with many colleagues. Some of the apps that support group chat include WhatsApp, Nimbuzz, WeChat etc.

Sharing Multimedia for free

Sharing multimedia files like video, picture and audio files for free is possible with the help of apps. Some of the other apps that support this function include Nimbuzz, Fring, Oovoo, Rebtel, FaceTime (Apple iOS users only) , Talkatone, Viber etc.

These are the various different types of apps that help in cutting the mobile phone bill.

Top Ten Apps for Web Designers

With advancement in technology, there are countless apps now days available for your iPhone and the best feature is that most of them are free of cost. Isn’t it amazing? Yes it certainly is, especially for the ones who own an iPhone and crave to make the best use of it. It is a well known saying that good things come in small packages. Many of you might not have ever considered this saying but it is time to apply this in practical life as you now have an iPhone that is one of the best pretty handy design tools.

Here is a list of top ten apps for web designers

1. Evernote – This app permits you to save your ideas, things that you hear, like, and see. Using this app you can actually access your inspiration anywhere since it works with nearly every mobile device, phone, and computer.

2. My price – This app is developed by MD Interaktiv. If you are graphic or web designer then this app is best for you. It helps you calculate how much you should charge for your innovative and creative services by considering different factors like location, client, project, your experience, and education.

3. Instagram – Developed by Burbn, Inc, this app facilitates you to share and display your
images with your friends, relatives and many more people than you know.

4. Frametastic – This app is developed by Imaginary Feet. It is a tool for sharing big picture. It helps in organizing the photographic elements while permitting you to change the images with some color filters.

5. Reminder – This app is developed by ViewTextmode which helps you in ensuring all your deadlines are met. It shows notification messages even when the app is not running. So now you have no excuse!

6. Behance – This app permits you to discover millions of innovative projects with the help of world’s top creative talent.

7. ColorSchemer – This app has become must have for the web designers who own an iPhone. Search and browse more than 1 million palettes shared and created by color lover members besides getting connected with the color community.

8. Webr – This app is best for web designers as it helps you create, edit, publish dynamic
websites from your iPhone.

9. TypeDrawing – With this app, you type a sentence and then draw with your finger creating pieces of typographic artwork. This app was developed by Hansol Huh.

10. Hipstamatic – This is an exquisitely designed photography app which enables you to change film, lenses, and flash settings thereby creating, sharing highly styled images.

Well stocked with numerous precise apps for web designers, an iPhone actually packs some real punch in itself.

10 Must have Android Apps

Apps are the most essential part of smart phones now a days. Having a right app in your smart phone to help and save lots of time. Whether it is booking a ticket or finding a restaurant in your favourite city, there are a number of free apps available on Google Play to fulfil your requirements and make your Android smart phone your best friend.

Here is my pick of 10 must have Android apps.

1. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is the best application for sending online SMS for free. Whatsapp is available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia phones. You can send and receive pictures, messages and video messages free for first year.

2. AVG Antivirus Free

AVG is free and most popular Antivirus in the android market. By activating the anti-theft feature of the device, you can even track your smartphone in case it is lost or stolen.

3. MX Player

MX Player is one of the most used free video player on Android market. MX Player can play videos from almost every format.

4. JustDial

JustDial is best for local searches. You can find the best restaurants, lounges in your city, the late start shows, ATMs, Hotels, Doctors and much more. The official Just dial android app gives you all flexibility to sort the results based on your preference.

5. Viber

I am using Viber to talk to my friends overseas and I really like all the functionality of this app. Nice and easy to interface including the free calls make it the best in its class.

6. Skype

Skype is always the best in free video calling from Skype-to-Skype. You also can make low cost calls and send SMS to mobiles or landlines from your Android smart phone or tablet.

7. nexGTv

nexGTv application with best of the Indian channels & Video on demand content nexGTv Mobile TV Client is one of the best application which offers a compelling end-user experience to view Live TV on mobile devices.

8. Angry Birds

Here comes the most popular game of recent time Angry Birds. With over 1 million 5 star rating on Google play is the most played game on android smart phone.

9. Talking Cat

Its a good fun app, punching tom on this face is the most hilarious part of the app. Voice and graphic quality of the app is perfect. If you are thinking about laughing Talking Cat is the answer.

10. Indian Rail Info App

If you are a traveller  you must have Indian Rail Info App. It is the most download android app for information about Indian Railways. The app offers details like PNR status, seat availability, train numbers seat upgrade status, fares and status of running trains.