The New Battle: iPhone 5 Vs Blackberry Z10

The Blackberry Z10 is one of the hottest topics in today’s mobile market. It has been causing lots of noise and has impressed many with its new features. In the other corner we have the IPhone 5, who many call the king of today’s phones. But how would these two phones compare against each other?

When comparing the screen display size, the Blackberry Z10 has a larger screen size at 4.2 inches compared to the IPhone 5 at 4 inches. The screen resolution for the Z10 display is at 1280x768 pixels. The IPhone 5 has a screen resolution of 1136x640 pixels. But the IPhone 5 weighs less than the Z10. In fact the IPhone 5 is the lightest IPhone ever. The IPhone 5 is also thinner than the Blackberry Z10.

When comparing RAM, the Blackberry Z10 actually doubles the IPhone 5. The Z10 has 2 GB of RAM. This doubles the IPhone 5 which has 1 GB of RAM. Both phones use dual core processors. When comparing these two phones, the Blackberry Z10 has a faster processor at 1.5GHz compared to the IPhone 5 at 1.3GHz. The Blackberry Z10 has an edge in speed and also in browsing. The Z10 supports Adobe Flash which the IPhone 5 does not. But on the JavaScript test, the IPhone 5 is the top choice.

Both phones have great cameras. They both have 8 MP cameras. The Blackberry Z10 actually has a few cool editing features that can help you get that, “Perfect picture.” They are both very even when it comes to taking pictures, but when recording a video the IPhone 5 is a bit better.

When comparing the apps between the two phones, there is no competition. The IPhone 5 easily wins against the Blackberry Z10 or any other phone. The Apple App Store has about 775,000 apps. You can find an app for just about anything! The Blackberry App World is estimated to have about 70,000 apps. This means with the IPhone 5 you have access to 10x more apps than you would with the Z10. According to Blackberry there are a good number of app developers who have committed to creating apps for Blackberry but at the moment, the IPhone 5 wins easily.

The IPhone 5 and the Blackberry Z10 are both really great phones. They both have their own pros and cons, but together they both offer many advantages. The IPhone 5 may be easier to learn at first compared to the Blackberry Z10 but once you get a hang of the Z10, it can be really handy. Which phone would you prefer?

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