Exciting Hardware Innovation in the New Galaxy Note

When you think of the top consumer electronics giants on the planet, Samsung is always part of that list. Innovative technology and design with a reputation for quality and consistency have kept this company on top in the global market. Whenever a new product is released in the market be it a smartphone, a tablet or a hybrid of the two, a phablet innovation can make the product sell to become an instant success. Same is the case with the new Galaxy Note 4 Phablet and the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. When it comes to innovation, Samsung has heavily relied on hardware innovation to attract customers and appeal to target audiences that are always looking for something new.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Design


The Samsung Galaxy Edge has a really innovative design that makes it stand up in a crowd of phablets. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has a 5.6 inches display screen. But the real innovation of the display screen is that the display screen curves on the side of the device. This gives it an infinity pool sort of look and effect and is a real hardware innovation displayed by Samsung. So the concept for this is that the main screen in the front can be used to watch movies or surf the internet or do any other phablet activity whereas the part of the screen on the side houses the notifications, app shortcuts etc. which will be only a click away. This is definitely a new hardware innovation offered by Samsung and it will definitely be interesting to see how customers react to this type of phablet. The Samsung Galaxy Edge follows a line of successful curved display products from Samsung in the television and smartphone segments of the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the latest phablet in the popular Galaxy Note series of phablets. The Galaxy Note 4 is a 5.7 inches display screen phablet with a stylus that is one of the latest products introduced by Samsung. It comes with many add-on wearable technology options that make this phablet an attractive buy for customers looking for an innovative phablet in this segment. The Galaxy Note 4 comes with new Gears and Gear Circle wearables. The Galaxy Note 4 has a Gear VR which is a virtual reality headset. The Gear VR is built by Samsung in partnership with Facebook’s Oculus Unit.

With the new iPhone expected in the market the competition is about to get intense. There are many companies like Huawei and Xiaomi which are selling cheaper smartphones and tablets and giving Samsung some serious competition in many of the markets around the world. Innovation in hardware as well as in software and launching products that are extremely attractive to the users is something Samsung needs to do in order to remain at the top of the market. This competition in this sector between Samsung and its competitors is likely to give the customers the products that are innovative, which push the envelope further and which are priced at competitive rates.