The Stand Out Gaming Laptops to be Released in 2016!

Gaming Laptops in 2016

Over the last few years the amount of gaming laptops to hit the market has increased tremendously and so far 2016 has seen that trend continue with several unique devices being released. However why have gaming laptops taken off? Quite simply that’s easy to answer, there popular for two reasons firstly there more convenient due to portability, and two overall there much more affordable devices compared to gaming PC’S when you factor in you don’t have to buy a display or a keyboard, as there built into one unit. But the really question is with so many gaming laptops on the market now which ones really stand out and you should take notice of, what ones are really unique to the market? Well that’s where I come in, I’ve shortlisted a few gaming laptops that are noteworthy and you should keep your eye out for due to be totally cutting edge, so continue reading to find out what they are.

First up is a revolutionary device that has the unique feature of allowing you to play games with just the use of your eyes. What is this device and how does it do this you ask? Well it’s called the MSI Tobii and it’s the first gaming laptop to have Tobii's eye-tracking technology built in. Going into more detail for gamers what this technology allows you to do is personally control a characters actions in games so virtually no keyboard is needed, and what’s more the laptop even comes with facial recognition support. In terms of other headlining specs the MSI Tobii has a 17 inch 1080p display with Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M graphics, and it even comes housed with a fully backlit SteelSeries keyboard which has quick response and tactile feedback with no ghosting. Overall the MSI Tobii laptop shows how eye tracking technology could have a prominent role to play in gaming and it’s a laptop I certainly can’t wait to try out.

Next up is a laptop that I’m extremely excited for and that’s the Asus ROG GX700, the world’s first liquid cooled gaming laptop. In order to do this what Asus did is create a hydro overclocking system that plugs into the laptop giving it the extra power and cooling. What’s more when connected the hydro overclocking system’s extra heat dissipation allows you to overclock the laptops components and reach all new levels of performance that’s haven’t been seen in other powerful laptops before. Other noteworthy features of the GX700 are it packs an Intel Core i7 processor, it has a 17-inch 4K display and incredibly it comes with a desktop-grade Nvidia GTX 980 graphics chip which will undoubtedly give you amazing visuals. The only thing is we don’t know the full details for the laptop or the price, but what we can expect is more refining and innovative laptops from them in the future.

MSI GT72S G Tobii

The final gaming laptop in my list of ones to watch out for is another world’s first and that’s the Alienware 13 the first OLED display gaming Laptop, and its every bit of amazing as it sounds. But why is OLED so special you’re probably asking? Well there’s two clear reasons one deeper blacks since there’s no need for a backlight and two lower latency and response time. When it comes down to specs other than the OLED display the Alienware features an i7 processor and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M GPU, meaning it can handle any title at 1080p and with the superior display you’ll have enhanced contrast and superior colour. Overall the Alienware OLED laptop is such a great, innovative device that will allow gamers to play the most demanding 1080p games like a PC setup would, and when you sum up all the spec info there’s no other machine that can rival it.

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