The New Battle: iPhone 5 Vs Blackberry Z10

The Blackberry Z10 is one of the hottest topics in today’s mobile market. It has been causing lots of noise and has impressed many with its new features. In the other corner we have the IPhone 5, who many call the king of today’s phones. But how would these two phones compare against each other?

When comparing the screen display size, the Blackberry Z10 has a larger screen size at 4.2 inches compared to the IPhone 5 at 4 inches. The screen resolution for the Z10 display is at 1280x768 pixels. The IPhone 5 has a screen resolution of 1136x640 pixels. But the IPhone 5 weighs less than the Z10. In fact the IPhone 5 is the lightest IPhone ever. The IPhone 5 is also thinner than the Blackberry Z10.

When comparing RAM, the Blackberry Z10 actually doubles the IPhone 5. The Z10 has 2 GB of RAM. This doubles the IPhone 5 which has 1 GB of RAM. Both phones use dual core processors. When comparing these two phones, the Blackberry Z10 has a faster processor at 1.5GHz compared to the IPhone 5 at 1.3GHz. The Blackberry Z10 has an edge in speed and also in browsing. The Z10 supports Adobe Flash which the IPhone 5 does not. But on the JavaScript test, the IPhone 5 is the top choice.

Both phones have great cameras. They both have 8 MP cameras. The Blackberry Z10 actually has a few cool editing features that can help you get that, “Perfect picture.” They are both very even when it comes to taking pictures, but when recording a video the IPhone 5 is a bit better.

When comparing the apps between the two phones, there is no competition. The IPhone 5 easily wins against the Blackberry Z10 or any other phone. The Apple App Store has about 775,000 apps. You can find an app for just about anything! The Blackberry App World is estimated to have about 70,000 apps. This means with the IPhone 5 you have access to 10x more apps than you would with the Z10. According to Blackberry there are a good number of app developers who have committed to creating apps for Blackberry but at the moment, the IPhone 5 wins easily.

The IPhone 5 and the Blackberry Z10 are both really great phones. They both have their own pros and cons, but together they both offer many advantages. The IPhone 5 may be easier to learn at first compared to the Blackberry Z10 but once you get a hang of the Z10, it can be really handy. Which phone would you prefer?

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Top 10 Tech Flops of 2012

A lot of new technologies were introduced in 2012. As each coin has two sides, similarly there were some remarkable and some forgettable novel presentations from the technological world. Though such a list of the fallouts of technology is not very difficult to be prepared but this year the good outweighed the bad developments. A possible reason for this could be that the tech players are playing smart with the launches of their products and as a result the number of tech flops in 2012 has fallen compared to the previous years. The forthcoming narration throws some light on the Top 10 Tech Flops of 2012


  1. Apple Maps: The effort of Apple to bang on the Google maps as one of the applications of Apple phones was a dejected affair making it an entrant of the techno flops list. The company had to face a lot of anguish and embarrassment because of the failed launch of the Apple App and for this sorrowful act, the CEO had to extend apologies.
  2. Next in line is the Aakash 2; the super cheap tablet that was the target of the government to be launched in this year. The guilt point came in the form of the delay in its launch which is still not achieved for the students.
  3. Facebook’s encounter with the Wall Street: One that was believed to be the biggest IPO in history emerged in reality as a horrendous instance for the investors. The share prices were set high by Facebook even after the advertising business was tasting bitter by the company. The stock fell drastically as soon as it was launched and the investors crowded to withdraw their stakes making things worse for the net worth of the company.
  4. Next queuing up in the line is the Blackberry 10 that was supposed to be the elixir for the dying Research in Motion which couldn’t be in the market against the expected arrival this year which led to steep downfall in the stock value of the company.
  5. The drop out of the media steaming device from Google was a major setback. This was done by the search engine to pave way for its Nexus’ next.
  6. The immaculate rapport of Apple was hurt by the Trojan that stole user’s contacts that traversed through the censors and entered the App Store ending the iOS streak which was the malware free platform for the Apple mobile phones and devices.
  7. The Ultra Book that was to take over the market of Apple iPad fell down badly on all grounds of expectations of people because of which the shipment predictions for this device had to be called back and cut short.
  8. The supply chain hazard of the eagerly awaited iPhone 5 was also a major fallback of the year.
  9. Near Field Communications that was in the process of launch of data transfer technology that would make the payments easier also gathered a lot of flak and lack of popularity.
  10. Intel Phone that was the answer of the company to the booming smartphone market was not a hit in the market due to poor performance.


These were Top 10 Tech Flops of 2012 that have raised hopes for better things to come up next year.

How to use a VPN service on Iphone 5

The new Iphone 5 has new capabilities which allows it to accomplish just about any task which can be accomplished using a computer. However, just like other devices in its class, the Iphone 5 uses wireless networks to connect to the internet. You have to note that wireless networks are not secure and therefore expose you to data insecurity; your personal information can easily be compromised by anyone using readily available hacking programs. To avoid such inconveniences, it is always advisable to use VPN services which encrypt the data you send over the internet. Remember you might be storing important data like your banking information which creates the necessity for reliable security. Here are a few facts you need to acquaint with if you are planning to use a VPN service for your Iphone 5.

The VPN service provider will use security protocols to protect the information on your device from hackers. Although most providers offer professional services, you have to be careful with the selection for some reasons. Not all VPN service providers have upgraded their services to cater for Iphone 5 users. To be precise, some VPNs do not have appropriate capabilities which allow them to connect to the Iphone 5. Subscribing to the services of such a service provider means you are still insecure.

To get the best security, start by selecting a reputed provider who has specialized services for the new Iphone 5. If you have used previous versions of the Iphone, you probably know reliable VPN providers. However, if you just got your first Iphone, you need to research or get recommendations on the best provider. Reading reviews has always been helpful for first timers.

Setting up a VPN connection for the Iphone 5

After selecting an appropriate VPN provider, follow these steps to set up your VPN connection:

- Get your username, IP address and password from the provider to whose services you subscribed.
- Click on the settings app
- Click on general
- Click on networks
- Click on VPN
- Click on add VPN configuration
- After following the steps given above, you will be required to enter your username, password, account ID and the IP address. (This information will be provided by your services provider)
- Set the encryption level to auto and then turn send all traffic to on.
- Finally make sure that your provider offers IPsec, PPTP or L2TP protocols because the Open VPN protocol is not supported on Iphone 5.

Setting up the VPN connection is so easy but users have experienced problems with the provider they selected. Before subscribing to any service, ascertain that it will cover all your security needs by reading reviews and enquiring from the firm's customer care support desk. You can get this services online by entering a search query on your browser or you can consider referrals from friends who are already using an Iphone 5.

The price ranges from $6 to $15 per month depending on the provider you select. Although it might not seem so important, be wary of selecting a cheap provider who offers substandard services although expensive does not necessarilly imply quality.

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This guest post is written by Maya. She is a blogger and currently she's working for one of the best and most known VPN services.

IPhone 5 Purchase – Best Guide to Make a Cost Effective Deal!

Are you impressed with new iPhone 5? Do you want to buy one for you or for your loved one? And, do you want a cost effective approach? If yes, then you might need some guide to move the right path, otherwise, your bank may have to bear heavy burden. How to make an ideal iPhone 5 deal possible? Here are the words that need your attention and will surely help you to make an intelligent decision about this latest Smartphone.

iPhone For New Line – Get It At Subsidized Price

For all those living in U.S., iPhone 5 is available at a subsidized rate if a new line is added to the family plan. The discounted price for the device is just $200. However, if a family member already has a phone, but without upgrading, then actual cost i.e., $650 would have to be paid.

If you don’t want to pay full price, then another option is to get a new line and keep the old one intact unless it expires. However, keeping the old line and getting new, subsidized one for iPhone 5 is beneficial only if the expiry date will come within 15 months, otherwise, it will cost you $30 a month if you have a Verizon plan.

It’s also not possible to get a used iPhone 5 because it has launched recently and no one will want to resell the device. However, the price may drop by $50 after holidays.
Cricket’s offer: Cricket, the prepaid carrier, offers iPhone 5 at $499, but there is no contract.

iPhone 4S Is Also Not A Bad Option

If you can’t afford iPhone 5 for your family member, then do try iPhone 4S, which is available at $549. The price gap between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 is almost $150. If you go for unlock iPhone 4S option, you will have to pay a little more.

What About Service Plan?

As far as service plans of iPhone 5 are concerned, the best option is to switch from current Verizon plan to family Share Verizon plan. Another way is to go for a different carrier for the Smartphone.
You can get a subsidized plan for iPhone 5 from Sprint or AT&T. It’s possible to get a new contract against just $200 to be paid for the device. However, this will cost you more in the service head. The least expensive individual packages of AT&T and Sprint are $90 and $80 a month.
Many regional carriers offer more discounted service to make the deal ideal for iPhone 5. C Spire is offering iPhone 5 at $150 with a 2-year contract. Another low cost deal is of $60 per month, which includes texting, talking, and data service.

Wireless Plan On Verizon

The smart wireless plan of Verizon is offered at $40 per family member. The data charges are $60/month (for 2GB data) and these are additional to the normal wireless plan. It means a wireless plan for one family member would be $100 if no one else were using the service, otherwise the data charges would be the same and the members has to pay the plan cost. For additional 2GB data, one has to pay $10 more to Verizon.

T-Mobile Plan

The least expensive plan for iPhone 5 is of $50/month excluding taxes as well as fees. This cost covers unlimited texting, 500 minutes voice plan, and data of 2GB. This plan doesn’t include Wi-Fi tethering. Data overage isn’t charged by T-Mobile and that is a good thing about it. The side effect of data exceeding the specified limit is just slowing down of the service, not the bill overloading.
T-Mobile requires a 2 year contract for least expensive packages, no contract options are also available, but with high cost.

Cricket Plan

The prepaid plan of Cricket doesn’t involve any kind of contracting and provides unlimited offer of texting, voice, and data (with 1GB limit). The whole cost of the package is $55/month (with all taxes and fees included).

While going for Cricket’s service plan, following few things need your consideration.

  1. It has operations in the area you live.
  2. Cricket claims to have nationwide own networks and with other roaming partners. However, there are complaints about network’s reach.
  3. 4G LTE service is hard to achieve with cricket because there is a frequency mismatch between cricket and iPhone.

While buying an iPhone to gift your loved ones need knowledge to make a wise decision. Look at the available options, cost, network, and coverage. Why to make an expensive purchase if iPhone 5 is available at affordable cost including the monthly service? The lines above would be of great help for you to buy the latest iPhone without breaking your bank.

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