How to Print Photos & Docs Using an Android Device

Most of the time, our photos, documents and all relevant files are stored on our smartphones or tablets. As Android is a leading operating system for smartphones and tablets today, chances are that you have an Android smartphone or tablet device. Printing the photos or documents from the Android device usually involves an additional step of including the desktop PC which is connected to the printer. This means that you usually send the photos or docs that have to be printed to the PC using email and then print them from there. This is waste of time and simply needs more devices than it should. One can print photos or documents from the Android device directly with a printer using the Google Cloud Print technology. The following are steps to print photos and docs using the Android device:


Steps to Print Photos & Docs using Android Devices:

• Use the Google Cloud Print on the Android system which is essential to help you print photos and documents using Android.

• The next step is to check whether the printer you are using is Wi-Fi capable and Cloud ready and can be used without switching on your desktop device that is connected to printer.

• To check whether the printer is Cloud Ready, simply visit the Google Cloud Page and look for your printer’s model. Once you find that follow the steps or instructions given to setup the printer and make it Cloud Ready.

• If making your printer Cloud Ready is a problem, just switch on your PC which is connected to the Printer and internet. Go to Chrome, open menu and then open the Google Account which is used for your Android device.


• The next step is going to settings, the “Show Advanced Settings”, and then click on Manage in Google Cloud Printer. At this point you can associate the printer by using the “Add Printer(s)” option. After clicking the Add Printer(s) option the setup is done.

• After this the next setup is that of the Android Device. Just download Google Cloud Print from PlayStore as the first step. It is a standalone app for devices using Android versions previous to KitKat. For KitKat it works in the background with notifications for print jobs.

• After this you can simply start printing from the Gallery or Chrome where there will be a print option. You can choose your printer in the drop down and then also choose various settings options like font size and color.

• There is another app called Cloud Print Plus which is very useful for printing through Android phones. This enables you to print text messages, files, email attachment and contact lists available on your Android device.

Android devices can now be used to print photos and documents without wasting the time and slow process of transferring docs and photos from your device to the desktop PC which is connected to the printer. Direct printing from the Android device is very efficient and avoids time wastage and additional work in this fast pace world.