Best Large Screen Android Phones

Today a large number of smartphones are Android smartphones with large touchscreen displays. These are very popular as because of the large screens the users can video chat, browse the web, use apps, watch movies and videos and also make work presentations using their smartphones. The following are the best large screen Android phones that are available in the market today:

1)  Samsung Galaxy Mega: Samsung Galaxy Mega is a new smartphone launched by Samsung that comes in two versions according to the size of the display screen. There is a 5.8 inches version for Rs. 25,100 and a 6.3 inches touchscreen display version of Samsung Galaxy Mega which is available for Rs. 31,490. This is a great android smartphone by Samsung for users who prefer large touchscreen smartphones.


2) Samsung Galaxy Note 510: This is a great smartphone + tablet device by Samsung and is very popular among the smartphone and tablet users.  The Samsung Galaxy Note 510 does the job of a tablet as well as a smartphone and has a large touchscreen of 8 inches. The Samsung Galaxy Note 510 is priced at Rs. 30,900.


3) Samsung Galaxy Note II: This smartphone+ tablet Android device by Samsung has been around for a while now and has been very popular with the customers. It has given a solid performance and is a great big screen Android smartphone to buy. The Samsung Galaxy Note II is priced at 37,500.


4) LG Optimus G Pro: If the customers are looking for a great Android smartphone with a big screen LG Optimus G Pro is a good product to buy. This smartphone has a large 5.5 inches touchscreen. It has plenty of good features and also the overall look of the smartphone is quite appealing. The LG Optimus G Pro is available at Rs. 38,990.


5)  Lenovo K900: This is a great big screen android smartphone by Lenovo. It has many great features and is available at Rs. 27,990. Moreover the smartphone is beautifully designed and is a super slim and lightweight smartphone and has a 5.5 inches display touchscreen.


6) Huawei Ascend Mate: This Android smartphone by Huawei has a really large 6.1 inches touchscreen display which is bright and gives a good overall performance. It is available in the market for Rs. 24,900 which is cheaper than some of the other big screen smartphones and has a great battery that can last an average user for a couple of days.


7) Asus Fonepad: The Asus Fonepad is a great Android smartphone that has a large high quality 7 inches display screen. It has good features like a great battery life and expandable memory. Moreover this Android smartphone is available at Rs. 15,999 which is a great price and much cheaper than other smartphones that offer big screens.


Nowadays phones are not just used for calling or text messaging. These big screen smartphones are really cool computing devices that are portable and can perform a large number of operations.

Some Shortfalls of The Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

Samsung’s new launch in the Indian market is the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. This is a phablet (phone + tablet). It has dual sim, high end Smartphone features, the latest Android version, exclusive Apps and is priced reasonably. But the Galaxy Grand Duos also has some shortfalls which the consumers may not like and these would cause the buyers to avoid this latest high end product by Samsung Galaxy Series in the Indian market.


The following are some of the shortfalls of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos in comparison with other phablets and mobile devices in its category.



The screen size of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos is very impressive but it lacks in the resolution that it provides. Even with the big screen if the resolution of the phablet is just 800 x 480p and the pixel density is just 187ppi, then the video 1080p will have to be watched in 800p and this will compromise the HD viewing. Its competition Micromax Canvas HD is cheaper but offers better resolution for its screen.


The battery of the device in comparison with the screen and functions provided by the Grand Duos is not enough and is likely to run out faster than the user might expect.


Another area where the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos lacks is the internal memory that it provides. These high end mobile devices have big screens and the users are generally interested in watching video content on them. The internal memory of this phablet is just 8GB and this will be counter-productive as the users will have to spend more money on buying external storage devices.


The RAM of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos is just 1GB. The applications and their upgrades tend to use up a lot of RAM. So most of the competition of the Galaxy Grand Duos has upgraded their new products to 2GB RAM.


Samsung also did not change the look of the Grand Duos considerably and it looks very similar to the previous models of the Samsung Galaxy Series. When the new Galaxy S IV is released in just a few months from now this phablet will look old very fast.


The launch of this phablet came almost coinciding with the launch of its competition A116 Canvas HD by Micromax which is more impressive in many areas and cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos.