Best Features Of Myntra Mobile App

Myntra was the largest lifestyle and fashion website of India that provided you up-to-date information about footwear, apparels and accessories every day. Aside from offering unrivaled web shopping experience, this site helped you to stay up-to-date and be aware of present circumstances with fashion publications with the recent developments in the fashion industry. Mobile app of Myntra is also available for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android based phones. It got some astounding audits from the web shopping beaus.

The mobile application of Myntra provides the simplicity of web shopping through your fingers, no more website traffic problem or waiting to connect with the website. With Myntra app you will get a smooth online shopping experience that you never thought of. You will also get the experience of a smooth, flawless and secured method to make the payment for your purchases. The app got huge numbers of customer reviews since its inception.


The dominant “filter” option and the user friendly feature of the app help you in speedy browsing through the endless items. This filter not just deal with the regular parameters such as brands, sizes, shades, as well as prices, but at the same time is prepared to deal with nuanced necessities like waist rise, troubling, material medicines and so on.

 Customers will likewise have the alternative to share their shortlisted items to their family and companions through email, sms and online networking channels.

 Customers can Search and Browse items by brands and classes.

 One is able to filter inquiry in view of popularity, costs, hues, sizes, discount, etc., and utilize many more features.

 Get informed of the best daily, weekly and monthly deals, coupons and offers.

 One is able to save products to the wishlist purchasing later.

In case you're an enthusiast of purchasing fashionable stuffs from the WWW, here's something of your advantage. We know that you have moved up to a smart cell phone at this point. As ecommerce organization Myntra have closed down its site from 15th of this current month and turn into an "only application" platform. With mobile e-commerce developing as the next greatest opportunity, Myntra is in the lead in ending the desktop based e-shopping.

The quick increase in the number of smart cell phones from 120-140 millions in the year 2014 to 600 to 700 millions in the year 2020 will give the base to create a comprehensive fashion e-business ever. Mobile applications are taking effective part in clients' life since the inception of smart cell phones. As per a late study, 90% users of smart phone in India use different types of applications, which is near to 158 million today. The nation positions second after the United States in the use of shopping applications.

The Review of’s App


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Pros of the App

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Cons of the App

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