The 5 Best Custom ROMs for Android

The 5 Best Custom ROMs for Android

Android operating system is used by many people around the world for their smartphones as it is one of the most popular smartphone operating systems available today. Android operating systems is developed by Google. Google has kept Android an open source operating system and developers from all over the world use the Android source code to develop and modify the Android operating system. Custom ROMs helps android users update, modify or revamp their android operating systems on the computing device. These custom ROMs help upgrade android versions, modify the way android is used and also help add in new features to the existing operating system. These Custom ROMs have regular updates and the popular Custom ROMs are available for many android devices. The following are Top 5 Custom ROMs for Android:

The 5 Best Custom ROMs for Android:

1)  CyanogenMod

This is the most commonly known and a very popular Custom ROM that is available for Android. This Custom ROM has been available for many years and the latest 10.1 version is now available. CynogenMod supports a large number of android devices from Motorola, Samsung, Nexus and HTC smartphones. This Custom ROM helps user’s access features like customizable quick settings, customizable software, hardware keys and other features.



AOKP is a short form for Android Open Kang Project and is a popular Custom ROM in the market today. This is free open source software that helps add plenty of features to the existing Android operating systems versions that are available in the market. There are regular updates of this software that are available and the current latest version that is available for a large number of android devices is the JB-MR1 Build 4. This Custom ROM adds many new features and tweaks to the Android operating system and became very popular from 2011 since the release of Icecream Sandwich version of Android.


3) Paranoid Android

A Great Custom Rom available to help customization of the android device is the Paranoid Android. There are many add-ons and features that are available through this custom ROM like per app colors, per app dpi, pie and many others. Paranoid Android ensures that the users have a great unique experience and customization available with this Custom ROM is spectacular. It is available for the latest versions of the Android operating system and also supports many devices that use Android.  Paranoid Android is available in a few Nexus, Galaxy and an ASUS device.

Paranoid Android

4) Euroskank

Another top Custom ROM that is available for a large number of android devices is Euroskank. Euroskank supports many Nexus and Galaxy devices. Euroskank is a kang of CynogenMod and helps users access many new add-ons and features and also enables quick access to newer versions of the Android operating system.


5) Vanilla RootBox

One of the latest Custom ROMs to be built is the Vanilla Rootbox which is an open source ROM that is built to include a whole host of features. This Custom ROM has some features from other popular ROMs like CynogenMod, Panoroid Android and AOKP. This Custom ROM is also available for a large number of Android devices like Nexus Devices as well as many Samsung Galaxy devices. There are many features available with Vanilla RootBox like per app DPI, navigation bar color and OTA updates among the notable few.

Vanilla RootBox

Customizable ROMs are increasingly being used by Android users as many times the developers of these ROMs develop amazing add-ons, features and UI for the android devices that match the development done at Google for Android and also at other popular brand names in the market that sell smartphones, tablets and other devices that use Android operating systems.


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