The All-in-One Android PC Monitor

The All-in-One Android PC Monitor

Product innovation is the key to survive in the business of mobile phones and consumer electronics. AOC has launched an All-in-One 24 inches PC monitor with a built in Android Operating system. This monitor looks like an average PC monitor but can be used as a touchscreen Android powered computing device. The design of the monitor is not spectacular but this is an innovative concept of having a regular large PC monitor that is also a touchscreen android device. This eliminates the need of a separate operating system that needs to be attached to the monitor in order for the computer to work. So does this concept work? Let us review the AOC mySmart A2472PW4T to find out more about this innovative product.


• One of the main USPs of the product is that it has a large 24 inches screen which is around 2 inches thick. This monitor actually feels like a PC monitor and the novelty of having an Android touchscreen device that feels and looks like a PC monitor is quite interesting. However the overall design and look of the product is not that great.

• It weighs slightly over 13 lbs. and the device is compatible with both Windows and Android operating systems. This monitor can be used as a touchscreen monitor with Android or like a normal PC monitor with Windows.

• A major drawback to the “All-in One” PC monitor is that the device does not include a keyboard. Having said that there is a provision to include the keyboard or mouse as USB points are available on the AOC mySmart A2472PW4T.

• The display is a touchscreen IPS LCD screen and an HDMI monitor which is a standard type available in the market in touchscreen devices today.

• This Monitor PC can be placed perpendicular on the desk and also has a pivot which helps you to tilt the display screen or monitor at an angle with a maximum of decline of around 30 degrees.

• The monitor has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and can run on the Android 4.2 operating system. The product has a NVIDIA T33 Quad-core processor and the monitor comes with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions.

• It also has a built-in web cam with 720p resolution which means web chat option is available on this device. The device also has two built in speakers, two USB ports and is currently available in the color black.

• When it comes to the memory aspect, the device is quite standard. The monitor has a 2 GB RAM. The device does have a memory card reader and has a storage capacity of 8 GB.

This product is an innovative step in the PC and hand held computing devices market. For the large screen segment of the market this device is most definitely an option. The product is relatively inexpensive in comparison with the competition in the market and the display quality is good. However this is not the best Android device in the market and would be more competitive if it were bundled with a keyboard and a mouse.


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