The Apple Gift – A Free U2 Album

The Apple Gift – A Free U2 Album

U2 is probably one of the most celebrated and popular bands all over the world. U2 is an Irish Rock band that has sold over 150 million records and U2 is one of the greatest rock bands of our era. They have had many bestselling albums and U2 Albums have topped international music charts for decades now. The exciting news is that U2 has paired up with Apple to give Apple product users a wonderful gift this year. Apple recently launched three new products. The Apple iPhone 6, the Apple iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch were three latest products launched by Apple Inc. at their mega product launch on September 9th, 2014.

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This was a highly anticipated launch event as there was a launch of the latest version of the Apple iPhone and unveiling of the much talked about Apple Watch. Adding to this spectacular launch was Apple’s surprise gift to its users. This surprise gift was that Apple and U2 have come together to give away a copy of the band’s latest album called “Songs of Innocence” to 500 million Apple users. U2’s new album for free is a real bonus for Apple users worldwide as U2 is a great band that has sold millions of records and is very popular among music lovers from all over the world.

How to Get the U2 Album?

There are two methods for getting the U2 album for free for Apple users. One method is for iTunes users while other is for Apple users with iOS devices.


U2’s new album is available for free on iTunes. Simply open iTunes and Sign In with your Apple ID. Once this is done an easy option is to click on the U2 album appearing on the rotating carousel. The other option available is to get the U2 Album going on the Quick Links options and then clicking on “Purchased”. Simply click on the Cloud icon and download the album. The album will also be available on iTunes Radio.


iOS Devices

Getting the album on your iOS devices like iPhones and iPads is also really simple. There are two ways to download this free album on your iOS device. The first way is through the Music App. Just open the music app and head to the “Artists” section. The next step is to find U2 and then press on “More” to see the U2 albums that are attached with the band. Last step is to press on the “Cloud” icon to download the new album. The other way is to simply open the iTunes account and go to “Purchased Items”. The album may already be available there. However there is a staggered release of the album across all the Apple IDs so it can be possible that you would have to check again if it is not yet available on your account for download.

This Apple and U2 partnership is a great surprise package with the launch of their latest products and is likely to be very popular with Apple users.


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