The LG G Watch Review

The LG G Watch Review

The wearable smart technology is gaining popularity and is the next big thing in consumer electronics. Wearable smartwatches are much anticipated by the consumers and most smartphone companies are looking to introduce innovative smartwatches in the market. Following this trend one of the premier smartphone companies in the world, LG Electronics has recently launched the LG G Watch which is a smartwatch by LG which is operated on the Android operating system. This watch was released into the market at the end of June by LG and Google. The following is the review of some of the key specifications of the LG G Watch:


Operating System & Processor

The LG G Watch is a smartphone which uses the Android Wear operating system which is designed for smartwatches and other wearable technology products by Android. The smartwatch has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM8026 processor. The Android Wear operating system on the smartwatch has good voice recognition and is linked to online services like Google Now and Google Play.

Battery & Hardware of the LG G Watch

The battery on the LG G Watch is a 400 mAh battery. However the battery life on the smartwatch is not good and this is a major letdown for the LG G Watch. The display of the smartwatch is a 1.65 inches LCD with RGB matrix screen and it has 280 x 280 pixels resolution. The display is slightly weak as compared to a Samsung Gear Live. The look and design of the LG smartwatch is also not that appealing as compared to other products by competitors in this segment. LG G Watch weighs about 63 grams.


Other Features:

One of the main selling points of the LG G Watch is that it is dust and water resistant and has a good build. The smartwatch can have future app support and the memory is 512 MB whereas the storage capacity on the smartwatch is 4 GB. The smartwatch also has Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity.

One of the main drawbacks of the smartwatch by LG is that it is very highly priced. This means that it is a very expensive smartwatch as compared to similar products by Samsung and others in the market. Also there are not many features to boast in the LG G Watch which makes paying a higher price slightly difficult for the customer. However there are some good features in the smartwatch and it is a good attempt by LG to introduce a product in the smartwatch segment of the market.


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