The Review of’s App

The Review of’s App


We are always looking for the best deals to help us save money while shopping. There is a great new app by to help shoppers save money while shopping. A gift card is a non-monetary voucher that is often sold by retailers and banks to customers. These gift cards are often given by the customers as gifts so that the persons getting the gift card can visit the retail store and buy whatever they want from the store that is within the monetary value of the gift cards. Many times gift cards remain partially used or unused at retail stores and are available at discounted values.’s App offers an option to the users to buy and sell gift cards.

Uses of the App by


 When you want to shop at a store in your area, spending a few minutes browsing through this app on your phone beforehand is a good idea. This app allows users to buy discounted gift cards of the stores they visit through the app.

 Finding the right discounted gift card and then providing the barcode details at the point of sale will help shoppers save a lot of money.

 On the Flip side, many times people are stuck with gift cards that they do not need. Such people can sell their gift cards on the app for buyers to buy. takes 15% of the transaction amount.

 Buying and selling gift cards is extremely easy using this app. Just start an account on the app and provide a valid email address, bank account details and you can easily buy and sell gift cards using this app.

 Gift cards of around 3000 brands have been bought and sold on and most top brands are available at any given time.

Pros of the App

 People are always looking to save money as it is a smart thing to do. This app makes it much easier to use gift cards and save money.

 It helps people stuck with gift cards they do not need, to sell it for a discounted rate so that they can “cash” their gift cards easily.

 All major brands are available on the app so using it frequently is a profitable idea. It is easier and more convenient than using online which needs time and planning.

 You can also browse gift cards according to different categories. There are “top stores” gift cards, “trending” gift cards and nearby “gift cards” lists to help users browse efficiently on the app.

Cons of the App

 Most people have not had many problems with this app barring a few minor issues with some people using the app.


This is a great app that helps you save money. Most top brands are available on the app and it helps people who want to sell their gift cards as well as it helps buyer who want to buy discounted gift cards. By creating an app, has made it possible to buy and sell gift cards much easier than doing so online.


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