Tips for Mobile Security

Tips for Mobile Security

In today’s world securing your assets is very important. Your mobile phone is vulnerable to hackers or to thieves and securing your mobile physically as well as securing it in the virtual world is very important. Personal information available on the mobile phone can be accessed by hackers and people looking to use it illegally for their benefit. It is always very important to maintain a strong mobile security so that your mobile is protected. The following are some of the tips for people looking to secure their mobile phones.

Tips for Mobile Security

• Lock your smartphone with a Lock Code or a Password. The phone has a lot of personal information like numbers, photos, email and text information etc. This needs to be protected. If there is a lock code which only you know, thieves or prying people will not be able to access your information.

• Another security option is to “block” your phone number. Sometimes you need to call people or businesses that will “collect” your number for the future. If you do not want this there is an option of blocking your phone number.

• Recovery apps are a great idea to find lost or stolen smartphones. There are a number of good recovery apps available on Android and IOS. There are features in these apps that allow users to lock their mobiles and also find them using GPS location.

• Add owner contact information on your phone. The world is not all bad and if you are lucky, some Good Samaritan will find your phone, see the owner information and return the phone.

• Telemarketing companies and marketers will keep calling and messaging you. A great idea is to install apps on Android and IOS that provide caller id and details of the people or companies trying to reach you. Don’t answer the calls from telemarketing and do not confirm your details to them. They might sell your information to other companies.

• There is a “Do Not Track” option that can be used on your smartphones that refrain companies from collecting your personal data. This is not a foolproof option and data might still be collected but it is better to use the option for safety.

• Last but not the least please be careful with your mobile phones. Not only are smartphones expensive, they hold a lot of your personal information. Do not leave it just anywhere or casually put it in an easy to access place. Mobile phones are often stolen and so you need to be extra careful.


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