Top 10 Best Android Launchers

Top 10 Best Android Launchers

A launcher is a program or app that helps start up or launch other programs or apps. To customize the Android operating system and to get the best possible android experience, many Android users use Android launcher app that are easily available through Google Play. Basically an Android launcher helps launch other apps on the home screen of the smartphones. The following are some of the best Android launchers that are available for the users:

Top 10 Best Android Launchers:

1. Facebook Home: Facebook Home is a great Android launcher app for the users that like to visit their Facebook accounts often. Basically this launcher app converts the home page and locks screen into a torrent for Facebook statuses. It is a well designed Android launcher with good graphics and user interface.

2. Launcher Pro: This is a great Android launcher app for smartphone users that have smartphones with earlier versions of the operating system that is the version before the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version like Gingerbread. It has good customization options and features.

3. Google Now Launcher: Google has introduced its own Android launcher which is free and has easy access with many features that make it sleek and is a user friendly Android launcher by Google.

4. Apex: A great option if one wants a high performance and user friendly Android launcher is Apex. This launcher has a great tablet mode and both the Apex and Apex Pro versions come with great user interface and features.

5. Zeam: A great Android launcher option is Zeam which works well on many versions of the Android operating systems going back to Gingerbread. It provides a smooth performance to the Android user and an upside is that it is also a free app.

6. AWD Launcher: This Android launcher has many features and is capable of tweaking and customizing the Android user experience very well however there are no new updates yet for the latest versions of Android.

7. Buzz Launcher: If users are looking to tweak the aesthetics of their Android operating system along with getting all the basic customization options, then Buzz Launcher is the app for such users. It has a user generated library of thousands of widgets and themes to choose from for the users.

8. Next Launcher: This is a 3D Android launcher that is completely different from the standard launchers that are available. This is an expensive launcher that also uses up a lot of battery but as a 3D Android launcher it is really quite awesome.

9. Nova Launcher: A really popular Android Launcher is the Nova Launcher. Great feature, variety of customization options, good performance and available in both free version and Prime version makes this a really great Android launcher in the market today.

10. Action Launcher Pro: Many amazing features like shortcuts with quick and easy access that are customizable, amazing one touch method to create widgets, special gestures for launching apps and some really great features particularly in the premium version of the Android launcher.


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