Top 10 Free Android Apps

Top 10 Free Android Apps

New and exciting electronic apps seem to come out constantly these days. However, while they all offer some form of convenience or entertainment, there are almost too many of them to keep track of! So if you’re looking for a few fun or helpful new apps, here’s a look at the 10 best free android apps popular this summer.

1. Pocket

This is the highest rated reader app for Android devices, and allows you convenient ways of storing online articles. Basically, you can use Pocket to download and save articles you want to read from the Internet, and access them later even without an Internet connection.

2. Stitcher Radio

This is a massive free radio app for Android that brings you music, live stations, and podcasts. Browse thousands of stations, or customize your own based on what you like.

3. Dropbox

Increased use of mobile apps means file sharing and storage is more complex, but with Dropbox it is made simple once more. With a Dropbox app and account, you can save files on an android device and access them later from your computer!

4. Key Ring

This is a handy little free app that allows you to put reward cards, membership cards, etc. on your mobile phone, rather than your keychain. Scan your gym membership, earn your grocery rewards, etc. all with your phone.

5. Pulse News

Pulse is a great app for news junkies, as it allows you to compile all of your favorite news sources in a single app, in an easy to read format. Instead of browsing the web on your device, just open up Pulse and find everything you need!

6. Betfair Touch

For fans of casino.betfair, the Betfair Touch app is a fantastic tool. The app itself is free, but opens up your account for real money sports betting in a convenient format manageable from your phone.

7. Evernote

Everybody’s favorite digital notepad, Evernote is a fantastic free organization tool. Compile notes, photos, and audio reminders in whatever format seems most organized to you! This is a particularly helpful app for busy university students.

8. Yelp

Yelp has been around for a while, but remains one of the most popular apps on the market. Basically, it’s a convenient tool for looking up information and reviews for different establishments in your area, from restaurants to spas, etc.

9. Vine

Vine is the app that brought video content to social media (for better or worse). It’s quickly become an extremely popular network, and allows users to share 6-second videos with social networks.

10. Photo Editor by Aviary

This is a pretty capable photo editing app that isn’t too complex for the average user. Additionally, it has “meme” capability, meaning it has a built-in tool for adding captions to your photos as you edit!


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