Top Reasons for Custom Website Theme Design

Top Reasons for Custom Website Theme Design

The Internet is now stacked with online platforms that make it almost a breeze to set up a website and there are a plethora of websites using a template as their basic background. Sites such as Weebly, WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify have become really popular for users undertaking a DIY website building project. Although the templates and themes made available by these sites are vast, the customization you can bring to each design template is limited.

On the World Wide Web, there are millions of websites and the number of new sites keeps multiplying daily. In this environment, it becomes even more important to differentiate yourself with custom theme development for your site.

Extend Your Brand Image

Branding is a buzzword that has been around since at least a few decades. This concept really exploded after the 1940s because companies had to find a method to differentiate themselves as the products manufactured by mass production often looked eerily similar. Its increase in popularity can be attributed to the fact that numerous companies using this strategy became highly successful. In the 1950s, Procter and Gamble, Unilever and General Foods developed the “science” of brand management and the 1960s saw major branding success from Adidas to Harley Davidson and the strategy became mainstream since that time.

In the digital era, your brand image needs to encompass your online presence because it is just an extension of your business. In this sense, launching your website is just like opening a brick and mortar location. Your brand philosophy and image needs to shine through for everyone to see it. For a website, it can be difficult to achieve the right branding image if you do not customize your website theme. By developing a custom theme, you can incorporate all the details, design styles, colors, fonts and other features you need so that your website is an accurate representation of your brand.

Get Rid of the Hassle

Developing a customized theme for you website will probably require that you hire a professional web developer. Although the initial stage will be more time-consuming as you need to find the right person or company to work with, this will pay off with large dividends down the line.

In a DIY website development project, you have to learn about website development from scratch. Even with templates and tools available online, it will take you some time to learn how to change things around to make them right for your website. Still, the options you have will be limited as you may lack the experience of building websites.

Conversely, hiring a professional website developer who can take control of the project based on your requirements, input and feedback can help you avoid all the frustration you may encounter in a DIY project. This can save you a substantial amount of time and frustration. A developer can suggest to you what will and will not work for your website theme. You can hold a professional developer responsible for a failed project, therefore, they will most likely ensure that they will test your site multiple times before delivering a final product to you.

Thus, you will avoid the downtime that can sometimes arise when launching a new site. The experience a website theme developer will bring to the table will help you create the right theme for your website much more conveniently and efficiently.

Promote Your Business

Custom theme development can allow you to build your site while keeping important SEO features in mind. This will help your website increase its rank in online searches. SEO is the key to promoting your website. If you can’t make it on the first page, and even then if you are not in the top five links for a search relevant to your business, your website won’t attract much traffic. A customized theme designed with SEO features in mind can help give your website ranking a boost.

Customers visiting your site will see the uniqueness of you website and realize you own and operate a serious business, not a one-person show run from a corner of an apartment bedroom. A customized theme will highlight the investment you have put in your business and create the right impression in the minds of online visitors and customers.

There are many reasons to get custom theme development when building your website, but the most important one with any business is that it is an investment which will grant you a positive return on investment and give a boost to your bottom-line over the long run.

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