Top Ten Apps for Web Designers

With advancement in technology, there are countless apps now days available for your iPhone and the best feature is that most of them are free of cost. Isn’t it amazing? Yes it certainly is, especially for the ones who own an iPhone and crave to make the best use of it. It is a well known saying that good things come in small packages. Many of you might not have ever considered this saying but it is time to apply this in practical life as you now have an iPhone that is one of the best pretty handy design tools.

Here is a list of top ten apps for web designers

1. Evernote – This app permits you to save your ideas, things that you hear, like, and see. Using this app you can actually access your inspiration anywhere since it works with nearly every mobile device, phone, and computer.

2. My price – This app is developed by MD Interaktiv. If you are graphic or web designer then this app is best for you. It helps you calculate how much you should charge for your innovative and creative services by considering different factors like location, client, project, your experience, and education.

3. Instagram – Developed by Burbn, Inc, this app facilitates you to share and display your
images with your friends, relatives and many more people than you know.

4. Frametastic – This app is developed by Imaginary Feet. It is a tool for sharing big picture. It helps in organizing the photographic elements while permitting you to change the images with some color filters.

5. Reminder – This app is developed by ViewTextmode which helps you in ensuring all your deadlines are met. It shows notification messages even when the app is not running. So now you have no excuse!

6. Behance – This app permits you to discover millions of innovative projects with the help of world’s top creative talent.

7. ColorSchemer – This app has become must have for the web designers who own an iPhone. Search and browse more than 1 million palettes shared and created by color lover members besides getting connected with the color community.

8. Webr – This app is best for web designers as it helps you create, edit, publish dynamic
websites from your iPhone.

9. TypeDrawing – With this app, you type a sentence and then draw with your finger creating pieces of typographic artwork. This app was developed by Hansol Huh.

10. Hipstamatic – This is an exquisitely designed photography app which enables you to change film, lenses, and flash settings thereby creating, sharing highly styled images.

Well stocked with numerous precise apps for web designers, an iPhone actually packs some real punch in itself.


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