Turn your Old Android Phone into a Webcam

Turn your Old Android Phone into a Webcam

Smartphones are very important part of communication means that are used today. Newer versions of smartphones keep getting introduced quite regularly and people tend to buy the latest smartphones that are available in the market. While doing so they discard the old smartphones and many times the old smartphones are just lying around the house with no use at all. If one has old Android smartphones with cameras then they can convert these into webcams. These webcams can be used for different purposes and the cost of buying webcams or baby monitors or nannycams can be avoided. The following are the steps to turn Android phones into webcams.


  1. Step 1 is to turn on the old Android smartphones Wi-Fi. It will automatically connect to the home network if it is configured that way and obtain the IP address. If this does not happen then open the Wi-Fi settings and enter the network details like SSID number and password.
  2. There are webcam apps that are available on Android. Download a good webcam app from the Google Play Store and install the application in the old Android smartphone. Start the app and the video image appears on the phone.
  3. Next step is to get the laptop connected to the same router so that the laptop and the old Android smartphone are both on the same network. Another important step is to enter the IP address of the old smartphone on the browser address bar. After this press the enter button on the laptop. This displays the smartphone’s webcam server options page on the laptop. After this on the laptop choose “Use Browser Built-In Viewer”. This finishes the configuration of the viewing medium.
  4. The next job is to locate the old Android smartphone. For this place the camera facing the image that you want as the onscreen image. Place the camera near a power point so that it can be charged and make sure it will not move or fall and webcam is placed properly so that the webcam shows the exact image that is needed by the user on the webcam.
  5. Join it to a power USB cable. Older smartphones have a smaller battery life and it is better that the power source is nearby so that the webcam placement is not moved all the time for recharging the old Android smartphone.
  6. The next step is configuration of the audio medium. Select the option of “Click Here to Play Audio with Browser” and this will provide audio feed from the webcam. Make sure the webcam Android smartphone and the laptop are far away from each other because if they are too close to each other there can be potential feedback.
  7. The configuration and steps are now complete and the Android smartphone is now a webcam. The user can start viewing the video as well as audio feedback from the old Android smartphone on the laptop.

These are the steps to successfully turn the old Android smartphone into a webcam.


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