Unlock the Future: Upcoming Mobile Application Trends 2015

Unlock the Future: Upcoming Mobile Application Trends 2015

With every release from a major mobile brand, users expects a vast list of advanced features. The next big features are more useful than others and make our lives easier and they symbolize the brand that is always moving on. The younger, the better; mobile application developers always look to utilize the latest features of mobile technology to attract the customers. The race that started with Angry Bird and Temple Run has underwent a complete makeover. Mobile users love innovation and hence it becomes crucial for the app developers to leverage the hottest trends and develop out-of-box mobile apps.

If you are a mobile developer and searching for upcoming trends in mobile technology, the list below could be the idea for a head start.


Top 5 upcoming mobile application features are:

1. Projection: There is no need to look too far into future for this amazing feature as Samsung Beam Handset already offers this. This feature enables the user to be seated in a conference room and watching presentation without laptops. Looking further into the future, users should see mobile phone likely come with the holographic projection feature. This technology offers a full 3D picture of the subject. This feature would be too valuable to any application designer or architect.

2. Augmented Reality: The flow Augmented Reality (AR) technology into the market is just beginning. Users can look forward to location awareness; it enables users to view messenger progress in real time. Basically, it is used for emergency services as it allows you to show the location of crime or accident. There are many other useful application on the way to make our lives safer as well as easier.

3. 4G and beyond: Today’s mobile devices come with the 4G technology. This technology allows a new array of functionality as well as speed to increase your mobile lives. The 4G technology allows the delivery of high-quality media to users. Users are expected to see 5G by 2020. This technology assists users with improved infrastructure that allows fast and stable data connection without hassle.

4. Biometrics: Nowadays, mobile devices are used for many different things. These devices carries a lot of sensitive data and information of the user hence security becomes an essential factor for mobile phones. For now, Biometrics technology is used only for the security purpose but future holds a lot of scope for voice or even in-ear activation tools. This will be extensively available soon, allowing users to keep their data completely safe when not in use.

5. Operating System: With the release of Android phones, operating system became faster as well as more stable. Apple makes every effort to add extremely powerful features to its iOS. In the future we are likely to see the much closer integration between desktop OS and mobile phone OS and hence opening new doors for cross-device application development and app integration.



Mobile Technology is undoubtedly an ever-updating process but being informed about the upcoming trends could be the key to success. I hope you enjoyed reading the post, please feel free to share your views or feedback in the comment section. You are most welcome to give suggestion for the upcoming posts or a discussion thread.


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