Will Traditional Watches Survive the iWatch?

Will Traditional Watches Survive the iWatch?

Traditional watches have been worn for decades if not centuries all over the world. Traditional wrist watches often perform the function of telling the time and sometimes even tell the date of the month. Traditional watches have a wide range from expensive diamond encrusted watches by Rolex to ordinary wrist watches you buy at the neighborhood departmental store. But the watch industry is about to get a serious overhaul after the introduction of the iWatch by Apple. More than a billion wrist watches are sold through the world every year and now the traditional watch industry has a serious competition in terms of the iWatch. So will the traditional watch industry survive the iWatch?

Apple has not developed a very innovative product since the iPad in 2010. There is a lot of pressure on the company to develop innovative new products and designs that will satisfy the innovation driven global tech market space. The traditional watch industry has so far survived many attempts to add tech features to the traditional watches. This means that many innovative watches giving new digital features have been introduced in the past by watch makers like Seiko, Timex etc, but these products have not been able to make a mark in the industry. So will the iWatch shake up the existing wristwatch market and is this a new competition in the industry?

iWatch: New Competition to the Watch Industry

The iWatch will be so far one of the most serious attempts to shake up the competition in the industry and the iWatch is believed to have features that will attract many buyers. This “smart” watch is said to be one of the best wearable technology products that is likely to hit the market and customers are getting quite excited about the prospects of owning iWatches. The iWatch is one of the most anticipated product launches in the tech industry today and it has wrist watch makers also made curious as to what all features are included in the iWatch. Luxury watch makers like Swatch are already taking this challenge from the iWatch seriously and are developing their new technology and products to match the competition with iWatch.

The iWatch so far is a product that is being developed by Apple Inc. The company has registered many patents in relation to development of this product and so the iWatch looks like a step forward in the company’s attempts to launch an innovative product to maintain its brand. Apple is a leader in innovation and in the cutting edge innovative market space of the consumer electronics industry, its needs to succeed in this new product. In the wearable technology industry, iWatch and Google Glass by Google are the top two products that the tech enthusiasts are most keen about these days, though not much is known currently of the iWatch.

Traditional watches have survived for decades and even survived the smartphone and cell phone industry. iWatch is definitely a product that is taken seriously by its competition in the traditional wrist watches market but one will know the extent of competition iWatch can give traditional watches only when it is launched.


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