WordPress Drop Down Menu Plugins – 10 Must Have Items

WordPress Drop Down Menu Plugins – 10 Must Have Items

How to shorten the process of a website creation? The usage of various wise plugins is what you need to fasten the development of a site, and make its navigation thought-out. This improved navigation will help arrange all those tons of information in easy-to-reach way and allow the visitors to find what they need just in a click.

Menu in the top gets maximum visual attention of the site viewers. Its intuitive organization and aesthetic look are must-have points. Being user-friendly is the main goal of a well-done menu on every site. The advantage of a drop down menu is its compact implementation.  It offers a good navigation system without taking extra space in the layout.

You can create the desired menu in WordPress, but it will take certain skills and time. If you’re not an experienced programmer or just lack time, make use of WordPress drop down menu plugins that will facilitate this process. Most of them are based on jQuery and have proven to be fit in all popular versions of browsers. Be sure that they will make your menus look neat and be usable.

Look through the compilation of WordPress drop down menu plugins and choose the one that corresponds to the needs/style of your sites. Some of them are free, the others go for a reasonable price.


Kodda – Responsive WordPress Mega Menu


Website menu is a primary important element of the whole ‘construction’. This is the reason why you need to replace the default one from your template with something cooler. And responsive Kodda Menu is the best solution to arrange everything correctly on the settings page, choose the right colors and sizes, add various types of menu.


Mega Menu for WordPress


The plugin is intended for those who want to get a menu with smooth look and good functionality. Using this plugin is as simple as working with WordPress. You add menu items as you add posts in WordPress. ***

Ultimate WP Menu Bar


Install this user-friendly responsive plugin in one click to create multi-functional menubar. Ultimate WP Menu Bar plugin allows to add/replace menubars and push your site to better look and security.


WordPress Menufication


With the help of this responsive  Wordpress Menufication plugin you can seamlessly add the fly-out menu to your site. Choose between dark and light menu styles, add logo, images to the header of the menu and inside it.


Universal Responsive Mega Menu


Universal Responsive Mega Menu offers drop downs of 12 types, various fly-out elements (along with a jQuery script) to boost your system. See the example pages to find the necessary code that is ready-to-use for the site.


jQuery CSS3 DropDown Menu Plugin


If you’re looking for a simple drop down menu solution, jQuery CSS3 DropDown Menu Plugin is exactly what you need. Even though it’s built with jQuery, all animation part is created with CSS, reducing the weight and load time. Most important features are listed below.

• CSS3 powered animation

• Insignificant weight

• Touch enabled functionality

• Full documentation in a package


jQuery Mega Menu Plugin


If you need to add drop down mega menus to the WordPress standard one, this plugin will come in handy. You can choose among “slide down” /”fade In” effects and hover/click to view the sub-menu.


UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin


This easy-to-use responsive solution is what you need for good site organization and creating fully functional menus. Mega Menus, Fly Menus, UberMenus – all these items are to be found in this plugin. Is good for arranging all information in drop down menu.


WP Sticky Menu Plugin


Try this plugin with flexible customization for creating easy on the eye drop down menu. You can play with a set of colors and animation effects of dropping down.  Using it, you get option to provide the visitors with wide blocks of information.


WIP Mega Menu WordPress Plugin


Let’s finish our round-up with a great example of website menu, that’s WIP Mega Menu WordPress Plugin. For a good reason it was called Mega, drag and drop admin interface allows you build outstanding menu in no time. Setting up this menu is pretty simple, you’ll have dozens of options to configure, as for developers you’ll be able to tune it whatever your client wants it to look like.


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